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Teriyaki Bowls from Tasty Toast in Point Breeze

Tasty Toast opened last summer in Point Breeze with a brunch centric menu. It’s a cute, welcoming space that seems to be well received by the neighborhood.

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Other Things I Ate This Week: Pre Passover Matzah Ball Soup & H Mart Treats

Allergies have got me coughing pretty much non stop. I desperately needed matzah ball soup earlier this week and would have had to wait until the weekend to get some from mom. In a sleep, itchy haze I stopped at Marathon (19th and Spruce) of all places and ordered their matzah ball soup to go ($5.50). The crazier thing, it was pretty good! Fluffy, light matzah ball and well seasoned soup.

Marathon, 1839 Spruce St, 215 731 0800

For a dinner party, I stopped at the sushi kiosk at H-Mart’s food court for a few rolls. They never dissapoint, with fresh seafood and very very fair prices.

I also picked up jajungmien at my usual spot, Mandu Roo, but got it as a combo with an amazing spicy seafood soup (all about that soup this week) for $8!!!! This is probably one of the best lunch combos to exist in Philly.

H-Mart, Upper Darby Terminal Square

Korean House Report: Korean Noodle House vs Every Day Good House (plus bonus Korean Spa report)

There is nothing like an excursion to Olney and Elkins Park for some legit Korean food.  Today, I present you with two Korean dining reports plus a bonus report about the nearby Korean spa. It’s a tale of noodles and nudity.

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We Du Agree, Dubu Puts Out Top Notch Korean in North Philly

Dubu opened a few months ago by the H-Mart in Elkin’s Park, which you can hit by going north and north and north on Broad. With a background in NYC Korean restaurants, the Dubu team aimed to bring quality Korean food to Philly, with a tofu-focused menu. To emphasize that fact, their namesake ”dubu” is Korean for tofu.

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H-Mart Noodles and Pupusas: The State of Upper Darby Terminal Square in June 2015

The area around H-Mart in Upper Darby’s Terminal Square, including the H-Mart food court, is one of my favorite blocks for dining. With the presence of so many different types of cuisines next door to each other, it should be yours too. The problem though, is the high turnover rate. A favorite restaurant might be gone the next time you return.  But that only means an adventure awaits every time you visit. For your dining convenience, I present to you the current state of the block….

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Chestnut Hill’s Market at the Fairway Korean Tacos

I just learned about the existence of The Market at Fairway- open Thursday through Saturday in Chestnut Hill. Like a mini Reading Terminal, the space houses food vendors- both prepared and goods to take home and cook yourself.  Exploring the  Market for the first time, I did a lap around, but ultimately decided to have lunch at the first stand I saw when I walked in- Chicko Tako, for Korean-Mexican food.

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Beef Noodle Soup at Bap

I liked the healthy and cheap bibimbap bowls served at the teeny Korean place, Bap, on South Street. Since the opening last year they have added 2 items to their small bibimbap menu- Korean pancakes and beef noodle soup.

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