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Lady Macbeth Hands from U-Town’s Spicy Noodles

Pardon my smudged makeup, I have shed many tears this week caused by walking in the piercingly cold windy weather we’ve been having.  Besides going easy on the eyeliner and wrapping a scarf around my face, the other necessity right now is spicy, hot soup, preferable of the Asian variety. While at a meeting in University City, U-Town seemed like it would hook me up with this last need. U-Town’s sign says it serves Korean and Japanese cuisine, but its really a Korean spot. Similar to Koreana, the menu is more of a quick hot soup, stew, grilled meats place. You aren’t going to have an epic table-side Korean BBQ meal here. The menu hovers in the $10 range; my noodle soup ended up being $10.99.

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Top Lunches of 2014

A pre New Year round up of my favorites bites is a fun excuse to look back on each year of dining. It is also incentive to get down and hold the plank position until the ball drops.  Here are my 2014 eating highlights:

During my first overseas trip of the  year, I ate my way through Beijing, Xi’an, and Shanghai!

Soon after, I started giving Chinatown Food Tours! (if you still owe someone a belated Holiday gift, its not a bad idea!)

I wrote a few fun articles for Zagat, including one on shopping at “ethnic” markets.

On an outing to Graffiti Pier in Port Richmond, I put together a Polish picnic that you can replicate.

For my birthday, we celebrated with beer and a Puerto Rican Pork feast.

I coordinated a food truck festival for 15,000 people in Mt. Airy.

On a solo vacation in Mexico City, I ate a ton of street meat.

I was really proud of my Federal Donuts costume this Halloween.

Way more, after the jump…

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Kimchee Fried Rice Balls at Kidari

Kidari Sushi Yatai is one of those harmless neighborhood sushi places that you remember to check out when your Groupon for dinner there is expiring. Not that I haven’t had a decent sushi meal there, but you know what I mean. So, when I walked by and saw new lunch specials including one that incorporates bacon and kimchee, I was excited.

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Must Try: Koreana Wings

A few years ago, Luncher Nick told us about his superior parking lot  lunch from Koreana (he had the bibimbap and jabchae). I visited for my first time and tried some of the other items from their fast- food- meets- traditional Korean menu.

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Lunch Links (The “Korean Around Town” Edition)

  • Cheesesteak pizza? Yes, cheesesteak pizza [Foobooz]
  • Penn Appetit try all the tacos at El Rey. Verdict is they are all awesome [Penn Appetit]
  • Zagat asks around to get the most authentic Korean dishes in the city [Zagat]
  • and next week, a Korean inspired menu will be offered at the Philadelphia Museum of Art to go along with  Korean art exhibit. Menu items include pulled pork kimchi jjiage []
  • Sweetgreen Center City opened this week at 9th and Walnut [Eater]

Bap Yourself on South Street

Bap is a tiny spot on 12th and South offering bibimbap as of last month. Bibimbap = Korean dish with hot rice, vegetables, and an egg. Actually, Bap explains it best:

I like that it keeps it simple, just bibimbap, with 4 topping options.

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Wajoe’s Fully Loaded Bento Box

I walked down Chestnut Street, crossing my fingers that  the new roti spot was open. Unfortunately, construction is still in process and I had to keep walking. I stopped in to try some of Wajoe’s Korean food as a consolation.

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