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El Sabor Restaurant

Just when I think I have tried all the North Philly corner Puerto Rican joints with under 10 Yelp reviews, I stumbled across El Sabor Restaurant, which has been in business for almost 30 years. Forgoing the dining room off to the side, we picked up some decedent items from behind the counter.

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Dominican Food Hidden in the back of a South Street West Deli

A few months ago, some awesome Midtown Lunch Reader (I can’t remember which one, sorry!) mentioned in the comments that there was Dominican food to be found inside a deli on South Street. There are few things I like more than good food in unexpected places. Which is why it kept *eating* at me that I had yet to make it over there to see for myself. But I finally got there, guys!

The deli, located next to Lazaro’s Pizza close to 18th Street, looks completely #basic. Head past the chips towards the back counter where they make breakfast and sandwiches. One small sign taped to the Plexiglas explains that Dominican platters are cooked daily. Since most Dominican food in Philly is north of Center City, this is an excitingly convenient find.

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Porchetta Panini from The Daily Press’d

With the new burst of lower temperatures and rain, I took advantage of the short lines at last night’s Night Market- the last of the season. One new truck that had been on my list was The Daily Press’d. South Philly workers will be pleased to know this truck has found a semi-permanent home doing lunch service at  27th and Grey’s Ferry.  Their first large festival debut was actually at the Mt. Airy Street Fare that I coordinated last month-but I did not find time to try their food that night. I was familiar with their menu and knew exactly what I wanted to order last night- the porchetta panini.

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A Road Trip to Souderton, PA for BBQ

It’s completely normal to travel over an hour in the South for good BBQ. But in the North East, we don’t really do that.  I would guess it is mostly we are spoiled with a lot of great food options within a mile radius. I stumbled upon Jesse’s Barbecue and Local Market while looking for a substantial meal the day after a friends wedding in Landsdale.

Jesse’s seemed like it was in the middle of nowhere (sorry, Soudertonians), but it was love at first sight, with the wooden shack to order from and smokers just beyond the seating area.

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The Rotisserie at The Porch (30th St Station)

I was invited to check out the new food truck permanently stationed at 30th St (for the summer). From a place where commuters merely passed through, to a place to sit and relax, “The Porch” has gone through an amazing transformation in the past few years. Recently, food trucks rotated in for lunch service. As of the end of May, The Rotisserie, a Michael Schulson creation (Sampan), took over the vending, serving lunch daily as well as dinner and drinks Wednesday- Saturday.

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M.A.T.T.’s Food Truck Gourmet Sliders

Another one of the newer food trucks I have just come across is  M.A.T.T.’s Food Truck. M.A.T.T.’s  handles bite sized creations made from decadent proteins: duck, pork belly, and burgers.

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Flaming Portuguese Sausage at Iberia

While Philly has plenty to boast about in terms of offering cuisine from places like Mexico, China, Italy, and Vietnam, there are some countries whose foods do not have such presence here. Portugal would be one of those countries. When I visited Tierra Colombiana, I noticed a Portuguese restaurant across the street and vowed to check it out.  While many of the Portuguese restaurants I have visited have been more upscale- Iberia seemed pretty casual which had me wondering about the food quality. But I liked what I saw when I looked at the menu- lots of meat and shellfish, and sausage on fire.

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