El Sabor Restaurant

Just when I think I have tried all the North Philly corner Puerto Rican joints with under 10 Yelp reviews, I stumbled across El Sabor Restaurant, which has been in business for almost 30 years. Forgoing the dining room off to the side, we picked up some decedent items from behind the counter.

Don’t forget to ask for sauce with your papas rellenas- the generous ball of potato mush benefits from the flavor packed red juice.

On a mission for snacks- I grabbed the last empanada- a simple ground beef- and could tell it would have impressed more while fresh a few hours earlier. Chicharon was hacked to order , with a good mix of fat and meat.

The menu changes daily, based on what the owner (nice dude!) decides to prepare. After ordering, he told me about their pegao- burnt rice at the bottom of the pan that goes well with any sauce or rice and beans.  I’m thinking it is that kind of home -style cooking that has kept El Sabor in business for several decades.

El Sabor, 176 W Diamond S


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