Lady Macbeth Hands from U-Town’s Spicy Noodles

Pardon my smudged makeup, I have shed many tears this week caused by walking in the piercingly cold windy weather we’ve been having.  Besides going easy on the eyeliner and wrapping a scarf around my face, the other necessity right now is spicy, hot soup, preferable of the Asian variety. While at a meeting in University City, U-Town seemed like it would hook me up with this last need. U-Town’s sign says it serves Korean and Japanese cuisine, but its really a Korean spot. Similar to Koreana, the menu is more of a quick hot soup, stew, grilled meats place. You aren’t going to have an epic table-side Korean BBQ meal here. The menu hovers in the $10 range; my noodle soup ended up being $10.99.

This isn’t pretty, but you can see the size of my take out order of the Yuk Gae Jang (#21): shredded beef with vegetables in spicy beef broth.

It became slightly more attractive once placed in a bowl along side the rice and kimchee it came with. The soup is packed with noodles and vegetables, including a plethora of different types of mushrooms and greens. There was less of the shredded beef, though I liked the bits my chopsticks came across. The broth had a kick, as promised, and although not very complex, it accomplished what I wanted out of my lunch- a spicy and filling soup with tons of submerged solids.  One unexpected consequence to look out for, the broth will stain your hands or anything else it comes in contact with. Don’t spill!

U-Town, 110 S 40th St, 215 382-1110



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