Bap Yourself on South Street

Bap is a tiny spot on 12th and South offering bibimbap as of last month. Bibimbap = Korean dish with hot rice, vegetables, and an egg. Actually, Bap explains it best:

I like that it keeps it simple, just bibimbap, with 4 topping options.

The counter guy was very cheery and our bowls were prepared quickly. Traditionally, it is served in a hot stone bowl but Bap doesn’t have the equipment for that yet. There are only 6 seats inside so it is more of a take out place, though we ate ours inside.

I picked the beef topping.  The vegetable party in my big bowl consisted of cucumber, carrots, mung beans, mushrooms, carrots, broccoli- a really nice variety that made me feel pretty healthy for the day. Besides the gochujang, there isn’t much seasoning, but surprisingly, the combination of all the vegetable flavors and textures was enough to not be boring. They don’t give you a ton of beef, but I like its Korean BBQ marinade. The bowl portion was more than sufficient to fill you up for lunch and the healthy ingredients won’t weigh you down all day.

P.S. Don’t miss out on the cinnamon tea.

Bap, 1224 South Street, 215 735-0553


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