Downtown Lunch Will Be Saying Goodbye For A Little While

When the downtown portion of Midtown Lunch began, it consisted of a once-a-week post on Fridays. The posts were written by a photographer, so the pictures were a focal point. Then the site was spun off into Downtown Lunch, along with outposts in Philadelphia and Los Angeles, and there was new content every day. When I took over in May of 2010, the Financial District, where I worked, was a sort of dead zone for lunch options, consisting mostly of generic delis and straight-laced halal carts that didn’t stray from the lamb/chicken/falafel trinity. There were some notable diversions from that formula, including the Banh Mi Cart, Alfanoose, Zaitzeff and Veronica’s Kitchen cart. However, the lunch tide has turned in the past five years.

Yes, there are many chain places that have cluttered Downtown Lunch territory, but there are also the two Biryani House carts, Dirty Bird To-Go, Nish Nush, the Luckyim Thai cart, Halal Gyro Express and its Afghani food, Mooncake Foods and GRK, which has some of the finest meat carved off a spit that I’ve ever put in my mouth.

After spending nearly four years writing about my lunches and chronicling openings and closings, it’s time for me to say goodbye as a new job has taken me to Midtown. You will be able to find me occasionally contributing to Midtown Lunch on all of the finest eats near Grand Central.

Sadly, my leaving means Downtown Lunch will be down for the count, at least temporarily. The site will go on hiatus while Zach figures out what direction it should take. If you’re interested in taking over as head Downtown Lunch’er, you can e-mail

It’s been my pleasure suffering through many, many food comas (and one case of what I’m pretty sure was food poisoning) to report on lunch options in Lower Manhattan for you fine folks. I’m sad to leave, but happy to have new food options to explore.

Wait, why are we getting all sad? Go eat something deliciously gross for lunch!



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