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At Cleavers, Come for the Giant Branded Sandwiches, Stay for the Beer (aka Just Because I’m Off Bread & Beer For Passover Doesn’t Mean You Need to Be)

Cleavers, a the sandwich and shake spot, opened a few months ago to replace the burgers and shake spot, Good Stuff Eatery. The layout and concept is similar, order at the counter and use the upstairs floor if you’d like to dine in. Cheesesteaks and chicken cutlet sandwiches make up most of the menu, all hovering around $10

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Lunch Links (The “Double Fist Pizza” Edition)

Other Things I Ate This Week: Pre Passover Matzah Ball Soup & H Mart Treats

Allergies have got me coughing pretty much non stop. I desperately needed matzah ball soup earlier this week and would have had to wait until the weekend to get some from mom. In a sleep, itchy haze I stopped at Marathon (19th and Spruce) of all places and ordered their matzah ball soup to go ($5.50). The crazier thing, it was pretty good! Fluffy, light matzah ball and well seasoned soup.

Marathon, 1839 Spruce St, 215 731 0800

For a dinner party, I stopped at the sushi kiosk at H-Mart’s food court for a few rolls. They never dissapoint, with fresh seafood and very very fair prices.

I also picked up jajungmien at my usual spot, Mandu Roo, but got it as a combo with an amazing spicy seafood soup (all about that soup this week) for $8!!!! This is probably one of the best lunch combos to exist in Philly.

H-Mart, Upper Darby Terminal Square

Taco Table at Que Chula es Puebla

Hungry for tacos in Nolibs, I steered my group towards Que Chula Es Puebla.  Its one of those no -frills taco spots that are more common in South Philly. The staff happily accommodated our big group and our big bottles of tequila. To start, fresh guacamole and a goblet of mixed seafood in a tomato sauce.

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Lunch Links (The “Finally Getting That Poke” Edition)

  • The Dutch has opened and serves all day brunch, I like sounds of the savory scallion waffle with creamed chipped beef [The Insider]
  • Fine Palate now serves lunch on Friday [Fine Palate]
  • Spruce Harbor’s food offerings this upcoming season include tacos, sausages, and short rib fries [Foobooz]
  • I am very excited that Philly is finally getting a poke restaurant [The Insider]

Other Things I Ate This Week: The Elusive Jianbing

I recently sent a tweet about a special breakfast off menu item that we tried on my Chinatown Food Tour and I got a few emails and messages about where to find it. I don’t keep things secret, I am all about sharing the edible wealth. For the unfamiliar, Jian Bing is a popular street breakfast crepe in China. But it tastes good any time of day.

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Tom’s Dim Sum

Dim Sum Garden has been a Chinatown staple for as long as I can remember. In 2014 some ownership drama went down and the 1th Street original, dive-y, by the bus station location was closed and a more visually appealing Dim Sum Garden opened on Race St leaving questions about what would come of the original storefront. Quite recently though, the 11th St spot re-opened and rebranded as Tom’s Dim Sum. Both locations still serve soup dumplings and noodles along with other classic dishes.

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