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GoGo Grill Puts A Unique Spin On The Falafel Sandwich

We have no shortage of carts selling falafel in the Financial District, but it’s a little hit or miss and often you get specimens that have been previously fried and are mushy, room temperature and greasy. After I reviewed the GoGo Grill cart’s pulled pork sandwich one of you suggested I check out their falafel. They have a fryer on the cart, which is always a good sign.  Read more »

Sam’s Falafel Vet Opens Own Cart, Serves An Excellent Platter, Minus The Lines

When last week Lunch’er KD1005 commented that we should check out a cart being run by a former worker at the venerable Sam’s Falafel, my ears perked up.

For you see, Sam’s is one of the longest running carts in the Financial District serving some of the best falafel platters and sandwiches, and anyone who worked there must have absorbed some of that awesomeness. Sure enough, a visit to the two-month-old Yummy Fawl & Falafel cart at Church & Barclay streets yields a similar falafel platter but there’s no line.  Read more »

Roti Mediterranean Positions Itself As Healthier Street Meat Alternative

When last we visited Roti Mediterranean Grill on Pearl St. (at Cedar), it was a soft opening, the food was free, the lines were long and I was undecided as to whether I liked this place or not. That was back in May, and since then, every time I’ve walked by there’s been a line out the door (or they’ve been closed. That’s seemed to happen a lot too), and that’s a lot to say with so many lunch options on the same block.

So, I decided to actually purchase some food this time and see if it was better than what I got when they were doing staff training. My thoughts on healthified street cart fare straight ahead.

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A Crazy Cheap Falafel Sandwich As Big As Your Head At Baba Ghanouge

The couple of times I’ve written about Baba Ghanouge (Multiple Locations), I’ve somehow gotten items with chicken – in a sandwich with fries and in man-ushi form – and never tried the falafel or other vegetarian items.

If you’re not in the know, this place has a falafel sandwich for just over $4. Yes, it’s utilitarian and doesn’t involve hummus or anything, but for $4 no one should complain. You can barely get the same thing at a street cart for that amount of money in the Financial District!

But is their bargain falafel any good? I’m here to tell you that it is, and they don’t skimp on your sandwich either.

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Homemade Cart’s Falafel Plate Might Be Its Weakest Link

We wrote about the Homemade Cart long ago, with its owner who makes lamb meatballs and will give you a scoop of red beans with your rice platter if you ask nicely. The two gentlemen you see above had quite a system going so even though there was a line when I got there, it wasn’t long before I was giving my order of a falafel platter $5) which had been recommended. After eating my lunch, I couldn’t help but think that perhaps the lamb or chicken are the way to go here.

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Make A Resolution To Eat More Veggies? The $5.50 Lunch Truck’s Veg Plate Is A Good Option

Whenever I’m craving vegetables, my mind often wanders to the $5 $5.50 Lunch Truck run by the affable Kiflu at the corner of Ann St. & Nassau. He does great things with fish and other meats, but sometimes my favorite part of his plates is the stewed, slightly curried potato, carrot and cabbage that comes on the side. It occurred to me that he had a vegetable plate on the menu and I’d never ordered it so I went to rectify the situation.

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Vegetarian Or Not, You Need To Check Out Nish Nush’s Standout Falafel

I’m a little bit late in trying out the new source of falafel in Tribeca, Nish Nush, on the corner of Reade St. and Church. After reading one glowing review, and walking by and seeing indeed how nice this shop looked, curiosity got the best of me and I wanted to know if it was true that this place was serving falafel that could be compared with Taim‘s. After eating there once, I’m mentally kicking myself for waiting more than a couple of days to check this place out.

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