Make A Resolution To Eat More Veggies? The $5.50 Lunch Truck’s Veg Plate Is A Good Option

Whenever I’m craving vegetables, my mind often wanders to the $5 $5.50 Lunch Truck run by the affable Kiflu at the corner of Ann St. & Nassau. He does great things with fish and other meats, but sometimes my favorite part of his plates is the stewed, slightly curried potato, carrot and cabbage that comes on the side. It occurred to me that he had a vegetable plate on the menu and I’d never ordered it so I went to rectify the situation.

The vegetable plate is actually a falafel plate but I’m not complaining. For $6 you get a few falafel that are smashed and crisped a bit on the flat top, and served with your choice of yellow or brown rice with chickpeas, those stewed vegetables, some stewed chickpeas and salad with lettuce, tomato and raw onion. You will be asked if you want tahini sauce, and you should say yes because it’s not the usual “white sauce” aka mayo, but actual thick sesame tahini. It’s touches like this that makes this one of my favorite lunch spots in the Financial District.

Sure, Crisp and Pita Express are both nearby to fulfill your vegetable-driven lunch needs, but if you only have $6 in your pocket Kiflu will hook you up.

$5.50 Lunch Truck, corner of Ann & Nassau streets


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