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Crisp’s New Casablanca Sandwich Gives You Eggplant Two Ways

As far as I know, fancy falafel chain Crisp hasn’t debuted a new sandwich in a while after throwing Asian and Mexican-hybrid sandwiches along with falafel burgers our way. The Crisp on Wheels truck has been talking about a new creation called the Casablanca on Twitter recently and since the truck only comes downtown one day a week it wasn’t likely I’d get to try it. Lo and behold, a look at the menu for the Fulton St. location shows it’s offered there too. If you like eggplant, this thing gives it to you in two forms.

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First Look: Crisp Brings Its Crazy Falafel Sandwiches To The FiDi

Today is the day that Crisp finally introduces the Financial District to its “falafel handbag sandwiches” with its newest location on Fulton St. (nr. William). I went yesterday to check it out during a soft opening for friends and family (and lunch blogs!) and found out that this location is one of 10 more they hope to open around the city, although I was assured they are not trying to be the next Subway. They have all of the creative interpretations on falafel that exist at the two stores in Midtown, plus a couple of new things they’re trying out like opening at 7 a.m. and serving breakfast. What you will find is some fried chickpea balls thrown together with ingredients foreign to most purists (goat cheese and nachos anyone?). What you will not find is a falafel lunch at the rock-bottom prices you’re accustomed to from a trip to Sam’s or Alan’s carts.  Read more »

Crisp Expects To Open For Breakfast Tomorrow

 width=If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to eat breakfast at a place that normally serves falafel, Thursday may be your lucky day. The new location of Crisp on Fulton St. (nr. William) is planning to open at 7 a.m. serving up an oatmeal bar and yogurt with various mix-ins (but no eggs or sandwiches). Breakfast is something new they’re trying at this location to see how demand is. And you can get all of their Zach-approved interpretations of falafel sandwiches and burgers come lunch time (full report coming tomorrow!).

Signage Goes Up On New Crisp Location

If you’re like me you’ve been wondering when the location of Crisp – the falafel place with the crazy flavors –  is going to open on Fulton St. (at William). They’ve been teasing us with that confusing falafel handbag sandwich sign for a while now and when I walked by yesterday a real sign was finally up, although the front door was still papered over making it difficult to tell if the store was ready to go or not. I’m told it will open soon, but there’s no solid date set.  The store was originally slated to open in December but we’ll just have to wait a bit longer for those falafel burgers.

Paper Goes Up On New Crisp Location

About a month ago news broke that a location of Crisp was opening down in the Financial District. This was pretty exciting news for falafel lovers who don’t like standing in line at a street cart for their fix. Paper and temporary signage are up on the coming location at Fulton & Williams streets, although it’s not expected to open until December.

Get Ready Falafel Fans: Crisp Is Coming Downtown!

 width=Crisp is coming to 111 Fulton St. (at William) which is great news in that it’s not another Subway or salad place. It should be open in December, when it will join another yuppified (although cheaper) chain Chickpea which is opening next week on John St. (nr. William). Zach grudgingly gave Crisp his seal of approval and its known for its creative iterations of falafel sandwiches. The sandwiches are not cheap compared to what you can get from a cart, but I guess you’re paying for the fact that they have a chef thinking up creations like the Asia and The Taj. Now if only we could get a Maoz down here with its fixin’s bar, the trifecta would be complete.