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First Impression: Chickpea’s Baked Falafel Won’t Fool You Into Thinking They’re Fried

I don’t really know what voodoo I was expecting Chickpea to perform with its baked falafel to make me forget it wasn’t fried, but it didn’t happen. The chain is focused on healthy eating, and nothing there is fried. Don’t get me wrong, in the absence of Maoz way downtown, I’ll take Chickpea if I’m not in the mood to eat outside or at my desk. What can I say, I’m a sucker for falafel chains with fixin’s bars? Read more »

Chickpea Officially Opened, In Case You Can’t Tell: I guess this only helps the late lunch'ers out there, but Chickpea  on John (nr. William) is officially open, which is hard to tell from the tiny sign they have up for a free hummus tasting. I was lured in by the promise of free food, only to find it's full on up and running. The shawafel sandwich I had (full report in the future) was good, and if anyone else ate there give your first impressions in the comments.

Chickpea Looks Ready To Serve Shawafel Soon, Puts TVs In Front Window

The paper has come down on the new location of Chickpea on John St. (nr. William), and in its place are two flat screens flashing pictures of baked french fries and directing you to their Web site. That would be fine and all, if it weren’t replacing a sign that said the location would be open after Labor Day, you know, two weeks ago. I peeked inside to see how ready to open it looked, and I’m guessing in the next few days despite no signage being up. If anyone sees that they’re finally selling baked falafel and shawarma, let us know in the comments.

Chainification of South St. Seaport Continues With Johnny Rockets, Chickpea Coming To FiDi

I don’t get over to the South Street Seaport very often because it’s like the Times Square of the Financial District and full of mostly mediocre eateries. I noticed the other day that a Johnny Rockets is going in below the Pizzeria Uno but it doesn’t say anything about when it’s opening. The Go Burger Truck parks right in front of where it will be, and there’s a Heartland Brewery across the street, so I don’t really know why this is necessary. Find out about another chain coming downtown, after the jump. Read more »