Chainification of South St. Seaport Continues With Johnny Rockets, Chickpea Coming To FiDi

I don’t get over to the South Street Seaport very often because it’s like the Times Square of the Financial District and full of mostly mediocre eateries. I noticed the other day that a Johnny Rockets is going in below the Pizzeria Uno but it doesn’t say anything about when it’s opening. The Go Burger Truck parks right in front of where it will be, and there’s a Heartland Brewery across the street, so I don’t really know why this is necessary. Find out about another chain coming downtown, after the jump.

There is another, more exciting, chain also coming to the FiDi. That would be Chickpea, which is opening a branch on John St. near William where a Seattle Coffee Roasters  used to be. There are three other branches in the city serving its brand of baked falafel and shawarma. The sign in the window says its opening the first week of September and it looks like they’ll still be serving the Seattle Coffee Roasters brew, if you’re a fan. The menu looks pretty good, and they serve a salad topped with both shawarma and falafel that I can definitely get behind.



  • I’ve never actually been to any of the johnny rockets in the city but it would be a nice change considering how good the menu looks.

  • I’m more for Chickpea… Also, turkey kebab? *ears perking up*

  • I’d rather have Johnny Rockets than GO Burger. There’s a Johnny Rockets at Yankee Stadium and it is pretty good. GO Burger on the other hand is very disappointing. A dry burger on a stale bun is not a good combination.

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