Chickpea Looks Ready To Serve Shawafel Soon, Puts TVs In Front Window

The paper has come down on the new location of Chickpea on John St. (nr. William), and in its place are two flat screens flashing pictures of baked french fries and directing you to their Web site. That would be fine and all, if it weren’t replacing a sign that said the location would be open after Labor Day, you know, two weeks ago. I peeked inside to see how ready to open it looked, and I’m guessing in the next few days despite no signage being up. If anyone sees that they’re finally selling baked falafel and shawarma, let us know in the comments.


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  • TVs pointing outward and FLASHING!! WTF!

    I hate that. I am going to complain on their ass. This is a nasty comercial intrusion on a public space. and once one starts it they all do it and the street space is ruined.


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