First Look: Crisp Brings Its Crazy Falafel Sandwiches To The FiDi

Today is the day that Crisp finally introduces the Financial District to its “falafel handbag sandwiches” with its newest location on Fulton St. (nr. William). I went yesterday to check it out during a soft opening for friends and family (and lunch blogs!) and found out that this location is one of 10 more they hope to open around the city, although I was assured they are not trying to be the next Subway. They have all of the creative interpretations on falafel that exist at the two stores in Midtown, plus a couple of new things they’re trying out like opening at 7 a.m. and serving breakfast. What you will find is some fried chickpea balls thrown together with ingredients foreign to most purists (goat cheese and nachos anyone?). What you will not find is a falafel lunch at the rock-bottom prices you’re accustomed to from a trip to Sam’s or Alan’s carts. 

As you can see from the photo the space is pretty small with one long communal table for dining in. (I can already see a line out the door for the grand opening today). You’re probably going to want to get your food to go, which apparently most people do anyway. Otherwise you might end up cramming yourself between people on one of the benches.

The menu is on screens on the wall above the counter, but hopefully they’ll have paper versions available so you don’t awkwardly have to crane your neck to look at it. On recommendation I got the Africa model of sandwich that includes peanut sauce and sweet potato chips along with a bunch of vegetables. This was a large sandwich and it was damned tasty, but I don’t know how often I could cough up $7.75 for one. You can get a basic sandwich for $6.75, but I think people come here mostly for the crazy concoctions available, and the fact that you can get a falafel burger covered in chili and cheese.

You can also get a hummus bowl or salad if you’re not in the mood for a pita-based lunch although some of the salads cross the $10 mark. And if you’re a control freak who doesn’t like any of the set sandwiches there’s also a build-your-own option. It’s actually pretty similar to Chickpea that’s nearby on John St., except they also serve meat and have the controversial baked falafel.

I’d have to say this was one of the better falafel sandwiches I’ve had in a while, but it could be that I’m a sucker for peanut sauce and if you throw sweet potato chips in, well that’s just not fair. I’m also curious about whether the quality goes down during a lunch rush, so you guys will have to weigh in on that in the comments.

Crisp, 111 Fulton St. (nr. William)


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