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Alan’s Falafel Returns After Storm With New Name, Serving A Delicious Veggie Burger

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Several of the carts downtown remained in their spots during Hurricane Sandy providing food, coffee and conversation to neighborhoods without electricity or operational restaurants. Alan’s Vegetarian Delights cart (which you may know as Alan’s Falafel) was out in its spot on Broadway (btw. Liberty & Cedar) on Wednesday just as the icy snow started falling. In addition to the new name, Alan’s has an expanded vegetarian menu including Italian classics with fake meat.

They had been unable to make it into the city since the Friday before Hurricane Sandy hit, which was 12 days away from the city and seven days of lost business, as one of the workers told me. The cart’s workers were happy to be back and have people to feed, and I’m happy to report that they have a veggie burger and fries that’s a delicious value.

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Did You Know There’s A Second Alan’s Falafel Cart?

I was walking behind the post office by the World Trade Center PATH station and nearly screeched to a halt when I came to a cart called Alan’s Falafel. It’s falafel platter looked similar to the original location on Broadway & Liberty, but they had a few other interesting menu items. If you’ve ever wanted street meat come breakfast time, there’s a lamb, egg and cheese sandwich sold here for $3.50, along with a Italian cheese steak looking thing involving french fries. If you don’t work near the Liberty St. vendors, this might be a good alternative for those street meat and falafel cravings.

Alan’s Falafel is a Worthy Contender in the “Falafel Wars”

“Every weekday, in broad daylight, a tahini-splattered falafel war is waged in Liberty Plaza Park, Wall Street’s great outdoors lunchroom.”

This kind of battle, described so eloquently by Rob and Robin in New York Magazine, is one that this otherwise peacenik Lunch’er can definitely get behind.

The other partisan in this fried chickpea conflict is, of course, Sam’s Falafel, which Daniel gave a thumbs up to back in 2008. I would have raved even more about Sam’s food that he did, but as much as I love Sam’s, I had to give the competition a try.

So who has the best falafel in the plaza? Whose fried chickpeas reign supreme? The winner is…

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