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Crisp Closes Greeley Sq. Location And Publicly Ends Affiliation With Crisp on Wheels

We’ve always been a fan of Crisp and their unique brand of falafel, first from their original store on 3rd Ave. to their 40th street expansion and then finally at their food truck. ┬áBut all is not well in the Crisp empire. We got a tip from Lunch’er sparmethecensor that the Koreatown location of Crisp on 32nd Street between B’way and 6th, which opened barely a year ago, is now closed. ┬áMaybe they should have tried serving a kimchi topped falafel?

But the real shocker came in in the form of an email to everybody on Crisp’s mailing list…

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Crisp on Wheels Truck Exceeds My Expectations

When I first heard that the mini-chain restaurant Crisp was launching a falafel truck, I was dismayed and thoroughly unexcited. First off, I think of food trucks and carts as a great way to start a business when you don’t have the funds and capital to open a restaurant. When chain restaurants get in on the action, this completely defeats the purpose. God help us if we see a Chipotle or McDonald’s truck roaming the streets soon. And secondly, why would I want to eat this generic falafel when I have options like Taim and Kwik Meal on the streets?

In all fairness, I’ve only walked by Crisp and have never actually been inside, partly because I assumed it wasn’t much more innovative or delicious as the likes of Europa Cafe or PAX. Then I discovered Zach’s review from a while back and I truly learned what happens when you assume. It’s not the first time I’ve made an ass of myself.

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Crisp on Wheels is Launching Thursday

Last month we reported that Crisp, the unique falafel place with 3 locations in New York City, would be launching a food truck. It took a little longer than they expected (it always does) but we’re hearing that they are finally ready to go and the truck will soft launch on Thursday in the Flatiron District (on 26th and Park) serving up falafel and hummus bowls. Follow them on twitter @crisponwheels or on the ML Twitter Tracker for more details.