Crisp Coming Soon to Herald Square/Koreatown

Crisp K-town

Good news for Herald Square area lunchers in need of reliable falafel options. There’s a Crisp that’s opening on 32nd between Broadway and 6th Ave, just a block over from the edge of K-town. I took a quick peek through the glass, and it looks like the restaurant is nearly operational, so expect an opening soon…


  • rather would hike up to Olympic Pita for a falafel laffa. 1000x better than anything from Crisp and better value too.

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    I don’t think we are lacking in falafel in the Herald Square area, especially after Pitopia opened and that is my go to place for filafel.

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    I whole heartedly welcome this. There are other Falafel close by, but not near enough for the quick lunch. I’m south of 34th… due to dealing with tourist throngs my boundary is 33rd. I get too frustrated trying to make it though the hords over lunch.

    Eata Pita is a good option, but that’s 3 crosstown blocks east.

    Crisp will get me a few times a month if it’s got some solid employees.

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    The cart at 33rd & Broadway makes a good falafel. I think it’s the same guys who used to operate out of a red truck across the street.

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