Crisp Closes Greeley Sq. Location And Publicly Ends Affiliation With Crisp on Wheels

We’ve always been a fan of Crisp and their unique brand of falafel, first from their original store on 3rd Ave. to their 40th street expansion and then finally at their food truck.  But all is not well in the Crisp empire. We got a tip from Lunch’er sparmethecensor that the Koreatown location of Crisp on 32nd Street between B’way and 6th, which opened barely a year ago, is now closed.  Maybe they should have tried serving a kimchi topped falafel?

But the real shocker came in in the form of an email to everybody on Crisp’s mailing list…

Yesterday morning the President of Crisp sent this email to all of their customers:

Dear Valued Crisp Guest

We would like to thank you for your continued patronage. We would like to inform you that the Crisp on Wheels Food Truck is no longer affiliated with the Crisp franchise network. The truck may be temporarily operating under the Crisp logo, however the food that is being prepared and served there does not comply with Crisp standards.

As a token of our appreciation for your loyalty, please present a copy of this email at any of our stores and enjoy an authentic experience with a 10 percent discount at any of out Crisp stores. This offer is valid for multiple use through January 31, 2013.

Kind regards
Alon Kruvi

Ouch.  We’re not sure exactly what the official relationship is between Crisp and Crisp on Wheels, but it’s pretty clear that whatever it was is now over.  The truck responded via tweet, in the only way they could, which elicited a response from Crisp’s owner:

Looks like a trip to the Crisp on Wheels truck is in order.  Has anybody else noticed menu or quality changes at the truck?  Feel free comment below…


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    I don’t hit up the truck too often, but the last few times I did, I haven’t seen Jack around(I think he was the owner). When the truck first hit the streets, he was always outside giving out free falafel samples.

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    I just walked by their truck today at 53rd & Park. Is Jack the one with the gray hair that used to always be the one to call out the number? If so, I saw him on the truck today. I haven’t had their sandwiches in a while, but it’ll be sad if the quality is not the same.

  • Wow, drama. I figured they just lost their lease.

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