Crisp on Wheels Taking Brick and Mortar Falafel to the Street Next Month

The grass is always greener? Earlier today Schnitzel & Things, the super popular schnitzel mobile that spends a lot of time in Midtown, became the latest food truck to open a brick and mortar storefront (on 3rd Ave. btw. 45+46th). But the trend is going in the opposite direction as well… we just got word that Crisp, the unique falafel chain with two locations in Midtown (and one Downtown), will be launching its very own food truck next month. “Crisp on Wheels” will offer falafel “handbag” sandwiches, hummus bowls and Amanzi teas, and plans to hit the streets on April 4th. The plan is too soft open in areas like Soho and the Upper East Side, before trying to hit up the mean streets of Midtown (always a good plan) and, naturally, you can track their progress via Twitter and Facebook. Unlike schnitzel or Korean tacos, there isn’t really a shortage of good falafel sandwiches in New York City, but the move from brick and mortar to food truck seems to have worked for Taim

Crisp: Abomination… Or One of the Best Falafel in the City


  • I tried the mobile Crisp unit today. It’s actually the first time I had Crisp. SO overpriced. I had the regular falafal with hummus. Not great, but not bad, but SOOOO damn overpriced… After reeling from getting bent over for a $7.35 falafal (-they also charge tax at the mobile unit–FU CRISP!), I hit up the Argentinian truck (26th + 6th) for 3 empanadas for 5 bucks…so I could feel better about myself. The Argentinian truck is seriously the most UNDERRATED truck in the City, bar none. Those people kick ass!

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    This place was great. Really Interesting Falafels and of High Quality. normal priced for the quality and Ingredients they put. Owner was also very nice. Definitely going back and recommend That you try it.

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