Crisp Debuts Falafel Burgers and More

What’s slightly healthier than a cheeseburger? A falafel cheeseburger. And for those of you with “Eat healthier” New Year’s Resolutions, our favorite crazy falafel place Crisp, has delivered such a thing. In the past week, Crisp has undergone another menu change, adding three types of falafel burgers, veggie chili, and a design your own sandwich/salad option (allowing us to recreate “The Taj” or “The Asia”). Me, I wanted in on this falafel burger.

Crisp Falafel Burger

The simplest and cheapest of the three burger options ($4.75) is the Crisp Classic: lettuce, tomato, pickle, red onions, American cheese, special dressing, and a falafel patty. It was hard to get a photo of the patty since it was covered in shredded lettuce, but if you’ve had their falafel, you can imagine the goodness that is their patty. It’s just a big flattened falafel ball. I’m ambivalent about the cheese slice, part of me wanted it to be melted on, but the heat for the melting probably would have ruined the patty. The patty’s temperature is more akin to a veggie burger than a hamburger; in fact, the entire meal is more akin to a veggie burger. I did thoroughly enjoy the meal-a side order of their steak fries rounded out my order-and it allows for some unhealthy eating without the need for an afternoon nap. Now the Chili Cheese burger just might be overdoing it though.

Crisp, Multiple Locations

  • 684 3rd Ave (on 43rd), 212-661-0000
  • 110 W 40th St (btw. B’way+6th) 212-278-8978


  • There are steak fries? Cool. Maybe they can hang with Maoz now? Well, at least their falafel can for healthiness. Maybe not over their frites.

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    As a falafel lover for life, I have two comments:

    1) awful; and
    2) gimmick.

  • As a falafel lover for life, (who spent time trying to figure out how to make felafel from scratch long before there was this ‘internet’ thing and where cookbooks were often awful), I think:

    1) it’s about time. I’m a fan of the sandwich format
    2) true, gimmick.

  • I dunno about the naysayers above, but I think it’s quite ingenious. Gimmick or not, it’s an option for the veggo’s other than the usually terrible veggie burger patties. Me not being one myself, I’d like to give it a try one of these days.

  • It’s a total gimmick, but it is just another way of serving falafel. And it was pretty delicious. I’ll get a picture of the fries next time, promise.

    • I tried it tonight for dinner. Classic Burger and steak fries are only okay. The patty has nice seasoning.

      I still like Crisp falafel pitas more though. Their very berry tea is quite refreshing as usual. I really liked the hazelnut dream mousse. Delicious!!

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    Interesting…for years, my wife has always gotten her falafel pitas with just falafel and american cheeese – because she orders everything dry. Just about every falafel joint thought she was crazy to put cheese in with a falafel. It’s actually a decent combo, but I prefer the works….and at Crisp, the Mexican.

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