You Might Want To Pass On The Goat Curry At The $5.50 Lunch Truck

One of my favorite trucks or mobile vending options in the Financial District is the $5 $5.50 Lunch Truck which dispenses street meat, curries, stews and a damn fine plate of fish on the corner of Ann & Nassau. Trouble is, since it’s out of the way, I often forget about it but the other day I remembered I’d been meaning to try their goat curry and headed over. Not that that curry wasn’t tasty, but if you click through I’ll tell you why I probably wouldn’t order this again.

You get your choice of rice (yellow basmati or white with chick peas) and either chickpeas or red beans, and then a ladle of curried vegetables and whatever protein you’ve chosen. The goat curry wasn’t all that plentiful and costs $6 while the rest of the plates are $5.50. Also, as with most goat dishes, there were almost more bones in there than meat and it was pretty greasy which actually made the rice awesome. The beans were beans, and my favorite part of all Kiflu’s plates is the curried vegetables. I think next time I eat here I’m going to do myself a favor and get the vegetable combo or see what he does with falafel (if any of you have tried this, please weigh in on whether it’s worth trying).

I guess if you really like goat curry, you could check this out, but even with my smaller appetite I was hungry again a couple of hours later. The actual amount of meat is outnumbered by large bones and you’re left picking bits off and filling up on the not huge amount of rice and vegetables.

The curry itself was good, but again, you’re going to get more food if you get something else off the menu. I think my next purchase from this truck will be the falafel plate.

$5.50 Lunch Truck (formerly $5 Lunch Truck), on Ann St. (at Nassau)


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