Sam’s Falafel Vet Opens Own Cart, Serves An Excellent Platter, Minus The Lines

When last week Lunch’er KD1005 commented that we should check out a cart being run by a former worker at the venerable Sam’s Falafel, my ears perked up.

For you see, Sam’s is one of the longest running carts in the Financial District serving some of the best falafel platters and sandwiches, and anyone who worked there must have absorbed some of that awesomeness. Sure enough, a visit to the two-month-old Yummy Fawl & Falafel cart at Church & Barclay streets yields a similar falafel platter but there’s no line. 

The $6 plate has many components: Chopped iceberg, tomato and raw onion, caramelized onion and green pepper, fried eggplant, a banana pepper, yellow rice, a scoop of homemade hummus, so many falafel balls that I lost count, and a final drizzle of white and hot sauce. Got all that?

Also on the cart’s buffet of possibilities are grape leaves and I spied a container of fried pita chips. So many choices! I guess you have to ask for these add ons, and I’m sure you would be obliged.

So yes, you’re paying $1 more than most falafel platters from a cart, but much like at Sam’s, this thing is deluxe. By far my favorite part of the plate was the hummus which tasted deeply of tahini and the falafel balls covered in it were the best ones. Next time, I might just get a pita sandwich from here with extra hummus.

If you don’t want to wait in line at Sam’s and happen to be closer to lower Tribeca, you’ll find a similar product at this new cart.

Yummy Fawl & Falafel Cart, northwest corner of Church and Barclay streets



  • YES! I get mine without the rice, and he throws in a grape leaf. and you are correct that you get a lot of balls at this cart! and the hummus covered ones are the best.

    as shown, you have to be careful with the platter or everything gets all mixed up. not a bad thing, but some like it neater.

    and you get a free soda if you ask. thx for checking it out.

  • I hit this up today. Nice guy runs it. I recognized him from Sam’s. Very similar good quality as Sam’s. I really enjoyed my platter, and have plenty of leftovers for later. The platter and soda are 6 bucks all together, which i believe is a dollar cheaper than sam’s. I would totally go back and would advise giving it a try to anyone who is confronted with a long sam’s line. It’s similar quality and a better price if you want a drink!

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