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GoGo Grill Puts A Unique Spin On The Falafel Sandwich

We have no shortage of carts selling falafel in the Financial District, but it’s a little hit or miss and often you get specimens that have been previously fried and are mushy, room temperature and greasy. After I reviewed the GoGo Grill cart’s pulled pork sandwich one of you suggested I check out their falafel. They have a fryer on the cart, which is always a good sign.  Read more »

GoGo Grill Serves A Pulled Pork Sandwich On An Unconventional Base

Have you ever wondered what a pulled pork breakfast sandwich mash up might taste like? Well, you can get pulled pork sandwich on a homemade English muffin at the GoGo Grill cart that’s been parking at Bowling Green. While the sandwich has a couple of flaws, I think you’ll forgive the unconventional bun used here.  Read more »

GoGo Grill Cart Pops Up At Bowling Green

gogo grill cart

Bowling Green has a new cart to check out serving sandwiches and burgers. Lunch’er Daniel snapped a picture and wrote in to tell us that workers at the cart said they plan to park daily in front of the National Museum of the American Indian at 1 Bowling Green.

The menu offers falafel sandwiches or salads, a burger, grilled cheese and a few other items, Daniel reports. If any of you have eaten here, let us know your impressions in the comments!