GoGo Grill Serves A Pulled Pork Sandwich On An Unconventional Base

Have you ever wondered what a pulled pork breakfast sandwich mash up might taste like? Well, you can get pulled pork sandwich on a homemade English muffin at the GoGo Grill cart that’s been parking at Bowling Green. While the sandwich has a couple of flaws, I think you’ll forgive the unconventional bun used here. 

The pulled pork sandwich and burger ($6 each) served at the cart come on English muffins that are handmade. You can also get a grilled cheese, a falafel sandwich, some homemade potato chips and a chopped salad, all for extremely reasonable prices. It’s a great change of pace from street meat.

The pork is already cooked, but thrown on the flat top to heat up. The aioli is spread on the bottom bun, with a piece of romaine lettuce on top of the meat, which is topped with some vinegary coleslaw.

There are a lot of flavors at play here, all of which were delicious, but the main flaw was the amount of grease coming from the pork and aioli completely soaked the bottom bun and left a puddle in the aluminum foil wrapper. You’re going to need a pile of napkins to eat this thing with your fingers.

We don’t have a lot of options for reasonably priced burgers (they looked hand-formed as well) or pulled pork sandwiches that also taste good and aren’t made with cheap ingredients, and I was pleasantly surprised by what I got at GoGo Grill. Plus, the options are minimal in this lowest part of the Financial District that’s still recovering from hurricane Sandy.

GoGo Grill, at Bowling Green in front of the National Museum the American Indian



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    Thanks for the write-up. They had egg salad sandwich on an English muffin as a special today, and it was pretty tasty with cheese, spicy mayo and greens.

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    More thanks for the write-up ! We’re sorry your sandwich was too greasy, but we appreciate the criticism. We have been in business for just one month and are still working to deliver the best possible sandwiches to our customers. Thanks to your review, we know at least one area that needs work.

    So thank-you Midtown Lunch, and thank-you Andrea H. We would love to have you back again ASAP to try another sandwich.

    Adam ( The GoGo Grill )

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