GoGo Grill Puts A Unique Spin On The Falafel Sandwich

We have no shortage of carts selling falafel in the Financial District, but it’s a little hit or miss and often you get specimens that have been previously fried and are mushy, room temperature and greasy. After I reviewed the GoGo Grill cart’s pulled pork sandwich one of you suggested I check out their falafel. They have a fryer on the cart, which is always a good sign. 

The falafel were fried to order and you can get them either over salad or in a sandwich. The only bread I saw was the english muffins they make themselves, but instead the falafel are put in something more akin to a wrap. You get four orbs artfully layered atop hummus, shredded red cabbage and carrot, greens and then drizzled with a dill-flecked yogurt sauce.

There’s an obstacle to eating this falafel sandwich ($5) on a bench like I did, and that’s because the wrap is a bit rigid and both ends are open. Also, when you bite into it there’s a lot of chew and you have to work to get a clean bite. That all being said this is a healthy-tasting falafel sandwich, meaning there are more greens than fried things or hummus. This, my friends, is how you do a “light lunch.” While I liked the yogurt sauce and smear of homemade hummus, next time I would ask for some hot sauce as well to balance things out. I would recommend getting the falafel on a salad if you’re worried about bad things happening to your clothes like I was. Thankfully no pants were harmed in the eating of this sandwich.

GoGo Grill Cart, at Bowling Green outside National Museum of the American Indian


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