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Downtown Links (The “Fancy Mexican’s Out; Fancy Macarons Are In” Edition)

Egg salad at Katz’s? Blasphemy. Via FitR.
  • Super Linda is no more. [Eater NY]
  • Fancy macarons on their way. [Racked]
  • Soon we’ll have another raw food option. [TC]
  • Apparently people go vegetarian at Katz’s? [FitR]
  • Jack’s Stir Brew reopens a year after Sandy. [DNAinfo]
  • A Chinatown noodle story. [SENY]

A Caribbean-Accented Wrap I Can Get Behind At Blueberry Fusion Cafe

When you first walk into Blueberry Fusion Cafe, which opened six months ago on Church St. (btw. Duane & Thomas), you will likely be greeted with a slightly empty-looking eatery. Actually, before I even walked in it was hard to tell if the place was open. It was, and after I ordered myself some food several more people came in to get smoothies, hot drinks or one of the sandwiches on offer. They tout themselves a health food place, but if you look at the menu closely there are some Caribbean food influences.  Read more »

GRK Fires On All Cylinders With Its Hybrid Lamb And Beef Gyro Sandwich

GRK is an unapologetically meaty restaurant offering three different meats on spits for your lunch, but so far I’ve only sampled one of them (not counting the turkey special they did a couple of years ago). The pork is a winner, but there’s also chicken and a beef/lamb combo to choose from. The good news is that I’ve now confirmed that another one of their meats is many notches above what you’ll get for a couple of dollars less at a street meat cart.  Read more »

Sausage And Schnitzel Will Soon Be FiDi Lunch Options As Bavaria Bierhaus Sets Opening Date

Starting at the end of this week for dinner and the following week for lunch you can nosh on Bavarian food and wash it down with a stein of “unique and unusual” German beer in the Financial District. Bavaria Bierhaus will open its doors on South William St. (btw. Broad & Hanover) for dinner service and drinking on Friday, with lunch service beginning Monday at 11 a.m. Hopefully the fresh-baked pretzels and sausages will be than $10 because charging more than that is ridiculous, but it sounds like the real meals like spaetzle or Wiener schnitzel will cost far more than that.

Hiroko’s Place: Where Spaghetti And Hot Dogs Become Japanese Comfort Food

There are places downtown that specialize in Japanese curry, sushi and baked goods. Then there’s Hiroko’s Place which pointedly does not offer sushi, but instead zones in on the comfort foods including casseroles and a version of spaghetti featuring unconventional ingredients. Somehow, this works, and I discovered that this kind of food is well-suited to a blustery winter day.  Read more »

Downtown Links (The “Winter Padding” Edition)

Soup & bread for post-holiday repentance. Via FitR.
  • A detailed look at Asian bakery hot dogs. [Eater NY]
  • Mulberry’s & Vine’s soup is (kind of) a good deal. [FitR]
  • Get over the prices and you’ll be OK at Zaitzeff. [II]
  • More love for Pisillo‘s sandwiches. [Tribeca Citizen]

Head To Alfanoose For Soup And Meat Pies When Cold Weather Hits

It’s soup weather and while there are several places to get your fix downtown, one of my favorites is at Alfanoose on Fulton St. (at Ryder’s Alley). Not only is their red lentil soup delicious, it’s also a steal and a complete meal if you pair it with one of their savory pies.

Read more »