GRK Confirms That Putting Turkey On A Spit Is An Excellent Idea

Is it just me or did Thanksgiving sneak up on anyone else? I saw on Twitter that GRK on Fulton St. (btw. Nassau & William) was serving turkey gyro with cranberry tzatziki as a pre-Thanksgiving special and then I realized the holiday is next week. On my first day back to work in the Financial District since hurricane Sandy mucked things up, I headed over to see what happens when you put turkey on a rotating spit and pair it with cranberry-spiked Greek yogurt. (It turns out that magical, crispy things happen).

If you are not a fan of the Thanksgiving poultry because it’s dry and requires a lot of gravy, GRK’s version may turn you team turkey. Because the bird has been layered on a spit and then carved off, 90% of the meat I was given was all golden brown and crispy and even the few pieces that weren’t were excellent, especially once dipped in the tart tzatziki which contained pieces of cranberry and some green that may have been parsley. If you don’t like cranberry you can get one of the other tzatzikis which now include a habanero version.

The turkey yeero plate ($9.97; a sandwich is $7.90) comes with sweet potato fries although you can sub in one of the other sides if you’d like. The fries were actually cut thin enough to be really crispy with a nice sprinkle of salt. I would also like to note that the flatbread that came with seemed to be fresher and more browned than the stale one I got on opening day.

It seems the white meats at GRK may be better than the lamb/beef combo, based on comments on the opening day post. If you at all like turkey, you may want to check out the yeeros version at GRK before it disappears on November 23.

GRK, 111 Fulton St. (btw. Nassau & William), (212) 385-2010


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