A Caribbean-Accented Wrap I Can Get Behind At Blueberry Fusion Cafe

When you first walk into Blueberry Fusion Cafe, which opened six months ago on Church St. (btw. Duane & Thomas), you will likely be greeted with a slightly empty-looking eatery. Actually, before I even walked in it was hard to tell if the place was open. It was, and after I ordered myself some food several more people came in to get smoothies, hot drinks or one of the sandwiches on offer. They tout themselves a health food place, but if you look at the menu closely there are some Caribbean food influences. 

Somewhat hidden in the snack section of the menu on the wall is a selection of Jamaican patties, all vegetarian. I wanted something more substantial so I perused the sandwich and wrap sections and in the latter spotted one containing jerk chicken, spinach and dumplings ($6.95).

The main negative (other than a fact that this is a wrap) is the amount of jerk sauce contained within. I love spice and salt but there was way too much of both elements here and little else to balance them out. The chicken was white meat but nice and juicy and the baby spinach made me feel like I was being healthy. I almost forgot about the dumplings until I got to the bottom of both ends of the wrap and found three small ones. The chewy texture was nice and bulked up the meal a bit more. You also get a side of potato chips, which for the $7 price tag is quite a bargain.

I cannot comment on the juices or other healthier parts of the menu at Blueberry Fusion, but if you like jerk seasoning a whole lot and are looking for a slightly lighter way to get your fix this wrap is for you.

Blueberry Fusion Cafe, 200 Church St. (btw. Duane & Thomas), (917) 609-4737


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