GRK Fires On All Cylinders With Its Hybrid Lamb And Beef Gyro Sandwich

GRK is an unapologetically meaty restaurant offering three different meats on spits for your lunch, but so far I’ve only sampled one of them (not counting the turkey special they did a couple of years ago). The pork is a winner, but there’s also chicken and a beef/lamb combo to choose from. The good news is that I’ve now confirmed that another one of their meats is many notches above what you’ll get for a couple of dollars less at a street meat cart. 

I ordered the beef and lamb combination in a pita ($7.16) that comes standard with raw red onion, slices of tomato and your choice of three flavors of tzatziki. I opted for the kaftero that has a kick from the roasted habanero peppers in it.

The cone construction of the sandwich means that your first few bites will be all meat and bread. That’s not a bad thing because the bits of meat are greasy in a good way and taste more of a lamb than beef. Then you get to the tzatziki and vegetables and it all comes together in a meat party in your mouth. I haven’t yet tried the chicken yeero at GRK, but based on the three other meats cooked on spits that they’re turning out it’s probably pretty good.

GRK, 111 Fulton St. (btw Nassau & William), (212) 385-2010



  • We only use the best ingredients. Our meats are from the top purveyors and marinated in the best imported Greek yogurt. No street meat here! Please let me know when you are ready to come again, we’d love to tell you tell you our story!


  • The chicken is GREAT!!!! I actually prefer that over the lamb/beef. I really missed the turkey this year with the cranberry tzatiki! BRING IT BACK GRK!!!!!

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