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Schnitzel Cart Lands Spot In Tribeca: After Schnitzel & Things got booted from their debut spot downtown they've been parking in Midtown. Today they're giving us another shot, parked at Greenwich & Park Place from until 2 p.m. although you may want to check for any location updates on Twitter before heading out.

Lebanese Standby Replaces Hawaiian Plate Lunches On Fulton

If you’ve tried to eat at Alfanoose lately, you may have noticed they no longer exist on Maiden Lane. Word is the building they were located in between Broadway & Nassau St. is being developed and they were forced to move. What you may not be aware of is that Alfanoose moved to Fulton St. (at Ryder’s Alley) in the space where L&L Hawaiian BBQ used to be. Both are long-running businesses in the Financial District but L&L Hawaiian seemed to be floundering around lately, adding a Chinese food buffet and some lunch deals to lure people in. I couldn’t find anything online that they have moved to a new location, so it looks like the city has lost one of its only sources of Hawaiian plate lunch.

Downtown Links (The “Secret Sandwiches In Tribeca” Edition)

A Mile End sandwich worth toeing the DL boundary? Via SENY.

GoGo Grill Puts A Unique Spin On The Falafel Sandwich

We have no shortage of carts selling falafel in the Financial District, but it’s a little hit or miss and often you get specimens that have been previously fried and are mushy, room temperature and greasy. After I reviewed the GoGo Grill cart’s pulled pork sandwich one of you suggested I check out their falafel. They have a fryer on the cart, which is always a good sign.  Read more »

Lightly Porky Rice Cakes & Greens From Excellent Pork Chop House

We’ve sampled the pork chop of Excellent Pork Chop House, as well as one of the noodle soups, but that was a long time ago in 2008. The Doyers St. institution now has its own Web site and pretty much everyone knows about it. The classics here are pork chop or chicken leg over rice with pickled mustard greens, but I had a hankering for rice cakes and saw that this restaurant had a decent selection. The version with shredded pork piqued my interest and off I went to carbo load.

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What A Two-Hour, Six-Stop Food Tour Of The FiDi Looks Like

The Financial District has many carts and trucks to choose from and it’s not uncommon to hit up one of them each day of the week. But what about stopping at six different carts and eating something from each one in a span of two hours? There is a tour company called Turnstile Tours that has taken it upon itself to show people (mostly tourists) some of the finest eats in the FiDi on Wednesdays. The tour guide: sometime Midtown Lunch contributor/ice cream maker/actor Brian Hoffman who talks far louder and is more animated than I could ever be. I was invited to tag along on his tour and while I came away with a full stomach, I also found out a lot of fun facts about some of the carts, trucks and people I’ve bought food from for more than five years.  Read more »

Shafiq’s Halal Adds Dosa To Menu, Has Decent Chicken Tikka

Sometimes the best of lunch plans go awry against your will. How can that happen? Well, take my lunch at Shafiq’s Halal cart on Broadway & Liberty where I went last week to check out the dosa that popped up on their menu. When I got there super early at 11:30 a.m. I was told they had dosa, but after waiting for 10 minutes, was then told that no, they were out. I don’t have unlimited time for lunch, so it was time for plan B which involved ordering the cart’s chicken tikka.

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