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My Belly’s Playlist: The Lunch You’d Never Pack For Yourself

It took me about four trips to the website of My Belly’s Playlist to figure out what exactly this was. The 10 sandwiches on offer sounded really good and once I discovered through my digging that they were all $10 I got even more interested. But how could I procure one of these delicious beasts? It seemed that delivery was the only option and when co-founder/partner Bo Kim e-mailed later in the week, that was indeed the case. It’s operated out of the Yorganic store at Hanover Sq. & Broad, but you can’t actually order any of the sandwiches while walking in there. Clearly I was going to have to get lazy and let my fingers order up some lunch.

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My Belly’s Playlist Is A New Delivery Option For All You Deskbound (Or Lazy) Lunch’ers

If you work below Chambers St. and can’t handle another day of ordering from Chipotle or wherever people order food from on a regular basis (can you tell I never use Seamless Web?), there’s a new option out there that only exists in delivery form. It’s called My Belly’s Playlist and operates out of Yorganic on Hanover Square, but you can’t actually get the sandwiches offered if you walk in there. I know because I actually tried that and there’s no sign that this underground sandwich source exists, although I was intrigued by those Bliss Bowls being sold there. Click through for a few more details on how to actually get this mysterious food.

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