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Bad News: You Only Have A Couple Of Days To Eat Jamaican From R. Retha’s Cart

After Friday, R. Retha’s cart at William & Beaver streets will no longer be slinging Jamaican food. Midtown contributor Brian brings word that the cart’s permit is expiring and they’re not renewing it. Friday is the last day the cart will be out, but Jillian who works at the cart said they will be doing deliveries. He couldn’t get information on how to go about ordering, but if you’re interested, maybe stop by between now and Friday and see how to go about doing that.

Cafe de Novo Is The Newest Source Of Korean Food From A Deli

The area of the Financial District to the west of Broadway is sometimes lacking in diverse lunch options. To my surprise, I noticed the menu of Cafe de Novo on Greenwich St. (at Rector) had a Korean food section. There are other delis that serve Korean food, most notably Cafe Hanover, but this one is in an area frequented by tourists and construction workers from the World Trade Center. The fact that there was a Korean man working behind the counter gave me hope that this could be good.

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Jersey Mike’s Subs Is Open With A Lunch Deal For Charity

jersey mike's sammy

We got word yesterday from Lunch’er Robert that Jersey Mike’s Subs not only opened on Maiden Lane (at Gold), but has a deal that involved almost-free food:

Just wanted to let you guys know. That Jersey Mike’s on Maiden Lane opened today. They’re doing a promotion: for a $2 donation to Meals on Wheels you get a free regular or mini cold sub.

So, basically you’re getting a sandwich for $2 which is a deal you can’t beat, unless you like $1 pizza. If any of you have eaten here, let us know your first impressions in the comments!

Update: We heard from Jersey Mike’s that they distributed 23,000 vouchers for sandwiches in a promo that’s happening through Sunday, Aug. 4, and yes, you get a free regular sub with a minimum $2 donation to Citymeals-On-Wheels. They’re also open for breakfast, in case you’re into eating your first meal of the day at a sub shop.

Jersey Mike’s Subs, 80 Maiden Lane (at Gold), (646) 833-7560

Aroma Espresso Adds Seasonal Items To Menu

 It’s been a long while since we checked in with Aroma Espresso Bar (Multiple Locations) after they opened their first downtown location in Tribeca. Last week we got word that they have some seasonal items on the menu, and they’ve added pasta. Among the dishes are a kale salad, a California chicken sandwich, and three pastas baked in the oven that include such ingredients as feta, olives, crushed walnuts, peas and turkey bacon bits. I guess this is the Mediterranean take on summer-friendly pasta.

BIA Best Food Has $4 Dal Over Rice, But Is It Any Good?

Late last week I stopped by the bank just as a cart on the corner  of Greenwich & Murray streets outside was being readied to be driven away at the end of the day. That cart was BIA Best Food, and it had an intriguing menu that included biryani, chicken curry, teriyaki chicken, sweet chili chicken (they must really like chicken) and then there was dal for the low price of $4.

Carts are sometimes lacking in vegetarian options outside of falafel or vegetables over rice, and so I was intrigued that they had another cheap non-meat option. At only $4, it was a cheap gamble to take to see if it was any good.  Read more »

Yips’ William St. Location Shutters Due To Lease

Sad news to report: Yips on William St. (btw. John & Fulton) was shuttered and empty when I walked by Friday night. The sign above was hanging in the window explaining that they lost the lease on the space (maybe because the price went up?). They had a good buffet and a decent sub-$5 lunch special. I’m assuming the Beaver St. location of Yips has also closed since it’s not mentioned in the remaining locations on the sign in the window.  According to a commenter below, the Beaver St. location is still open, but if you see or hear otherwise, let us know!

Downtown Links (The “Are You Going To The Vendys?”)

This luscious pork product is at the S. St. Seaport. Via FitR.