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Aroma Espresso Adds Seasonal Items To Menu

 It’s been a long while since we checked in with Aroma Espresso Bar (Multiple Locations) after they opened their first downtown location in Tribeca. Last week we got word that they have some seasonal items on the menu, and they’ve added pasta. Among the dishes are a kale salad, a California chicken sandwich, and three pastas baked in the oven that include such ingredients as feta, olives, crushed walnuts, peas and turkey bacon bits. I guess this is the Mediterranean take on summer-friendly pasta.

First Look: Aroma Espresso Bar Brings Us Lunch With An Israeli Touch

When the paper came down from the windows of the new Aroma Espresso Bar at Church & Barclay, I was surprised by how nice and gigantic it looked inside. We in lower Manhattan are often subjected to tiny Starbucks locations or the superior but still tiny Financier shops. And the upper-tier, non-chain coffee shops in Tribeca are mostly tiny and have little for lunch that’s going to fill you up for $10 or less. When I looked at Aroma’s menu, I noticed that all of their sandwiches were less than $10 and even some of the salads clocked in under than amount. I’ve had their coffee at other locations and found it to be solid. Could this be a chain that this site can get behind?

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Get Caffeinated At Aroma Espresso Bar Starting This Morning

We are short on non-Starbucks coffee options in the lower part of Tribeca and most of the Financial District, so the news yesterday that the Aroma Espresso Bar at Church & Barclay would be opening at 10 a.m. today was more than welcome. I’m not sure if this location will have the same sandwiches and breakfast items with a Middle Eastern bent (the chain’s based in Israel), but the menu online looks pretty great with shakshuka and a halumi sandwich represented. If any of you stop in today, let us know what the scoop is in the comments.