BIA Best Food Has $4 Dal Over Rice, But Is It Any Good?

Late last week I stopped by the bank just as a cart on the corner  of Greenwich & Murray streets outside was being readied to be driven away at the end of the day. That cart was BIA Best Food, and it had an intriguing menu that included biryani, chicken curry, teriyaki chicken, sweet chili chicken (they must really like chicken) and then there was dal for the low price of $4.

Carts are sometimes lacking in vegetarian options outside of falafel or vegetables over rice, and so I was intrigued that they had another cheap non-meat option. At only $4, it was a cheap gamble to take to see if it was any good. 

The cart’s line and its workers can best be described as scrambled during prime lunch time. I was about six deep in line as the man at the window yelled at me for my order. Luckily I knew what I wanted, but the woman behind me wasn’t so lucky. They also seemed a bit frazzled keeping all of the orders straight.

That being said, the chicken biryani I saw being dished up looked and smelled amazing, and my dal looked promising as it was ladled over the yellow rice.

The main problem with my lunch was that the watery dal almost completely blended into the yellow rice underneath. I wish they put it in a small cup on the side or perhaps served a lentil curry instead. It was tasty, but not as hearty as chicken or falafel over rice. That being said, I was reasonably full after my $4 lunch, but I probably wouldn’t get it again as it wasn’t overly flavorful.

This seems to be a popular cart judging by the steady line of people ordering both the Indian dishes and the more standard items. Next time I’m going for that biryani.

BIA Best Food Cart, Murray St. at Greenwich


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