Cafe de Novo Is The Newest Source Of Korean Food From A Deli

The area of the Financial District to the west of Broadway is sometimes lacking in diverse lunch options. To my surprise, I noticed the menu of Cafe de Novo on Greenwich St. (at Rector) had a Korean food section. There are other delis that serve Korean food, most notably Cafe Hanover, but this one is in an area frequented by tourists and construction workers from the World Trade Center. The fact that there was a Korean man working behind the counter gave me hope that this could be good.

Cafe de Novo has the usual Korean dishes like bibimbap, and also galbi, pork and tofu dishes over rice. There’s also ramen and Japanese curry or the random sushi combo which I would not recommend ordering. I went with the fried pork over rice dish ($8.95). You get a generous serving of white sticky rice which was excellently cooked, along with marinated greens and sprouts and pickled radish.

The pork was heated up in a sauce pan after I ordered it, but was not particularly fried. It’s interspersed with red and green pepper and onion then sprinkled with sesame seeds. The food was meticulously placed in the container which was a nice change of pace from most delis during the lunch rush. I guess that’s the plus of going to an out of the way deli where most of the customers order pizza or sandwiches.

I liked my Korean food from Cafe de Novo and thought it was a good portion for my $9 and change. If you work closer to here than places like Cafe Hanover or Bon Chon Chicken, I can tell you that at least the pork is good.

Cafe de Novo, 94 1/2 Greenwich St. (at Rector), (212) 233-1573


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