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Don’t Forget to Get A Free Scoop on Your Waffle Today: It's almost as if Wafels & Dinges ordered this heatwave to publicize their new ice cream flavors. Just a friendly reminder... today's the day you can beat the heat by getting a free scoop when you purchase a waffle at one of their truck locations between the hour of 12:21 and 1:21. Both trucks plan to be in Midtown West - one at 52nd bw 6th and 7th; the other on 46th and 6th. But be sure to double check the Twitter Tracker to make sure they stay put.

Wafels & Dinges Introduce Two New Ice Cream Flavors

For me, it doesn’t get much better than a Wafels & Dinges‘ liége waffle smothered in speculoos sauce. Unless that waffle is also topped with a scoop of their specialty ice cream. Last year they teamed up with pastry chef Benoit Gerin (formerly of Jean Georges) to bring us the mind blowing Belgian Madness (Hoegaarden beer and honey) and the addicting Speculoos (spiced gingerbread cookie) ice cream. This summer, they will continue to expand their ice cream repertoire by adding two more exciting flavors to their rotating ice cream tubs (making five flavors total!)

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“De Bloody Valentine Wafel” Gets its Own Commercial

In honor of Valentine’s Day tomorrow, Wafels & Dinges has made a commercial for their latest special “De Bloody Valentine Wafel”.  It features blood orange chocolate, strawberries, and almonds and sells for $7 ($4 for a mini). They’ll be available at least for the next week, and beyond that until they run out of blood orange chocolate.  For me, a treat like this is more of a I’m-angry-at-being-alone-and-I’m-going-to-sit-in-the-corner-drowning-my-sorrows-in-this-waffle kind of thing… but if you prefer to take the video’s advice and give it to your sweetheart like an engagement ring, I suppose that works too.

Watch the whole video, after the jump…

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Wafels & Dinges to Launch A New Truck: In a Statement to the Belgian King on their website, the Wafels & Dinges guys announced they would be launching a second truck very soon to get with their one truck, four carts, and various market locations. It sounds like the new truck (named KASTAAR) will be primarily used in the outer boroughs, but let's hope this means they will be able to have a location in Midtown proper every day of the week now. No more excuses...

De Strawberry Short Wafel is A Great Winter Treat

I must admit I was a bit skeptical when Wafels & Dinges announced their newest creation, De Strawberry Short Wafel. It sounds like a delicious option for summer time when strawberries are fully in season, but here we are in the mildly freezing month of January. And while I know that strawberries are now available yearlong, it’s still not the first flavor I’d think of for the winter.

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Wafels & Dinges Pumps Out the Pumpkin’

The newest special from our favorite Belgian waffle truck is De Bumpin’ Pumpkin. It seems a little late in the season for pumpkin, but I’m a big fan of squash desserts (no joke) and was totally pumped when I read about it on Twitter earlier in the week. I’m totally happy eating pumpkin ice cream in July!

I chased down the truck to give it a try. It’s offered on either a liege or Brussels waffle, although the guys recommended trying it on the lighter and airier Brussels style since the liege might be a little too sweet. The warm waffle is topped with a maple pumpkin spread, two mounds of whipped cream, and pecans.

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W&D’s Bacon Liege is Perfect For a Tasty Breakfast

We announced recently that you can now get bacon at every single Wafels & Dinges locations. Up until recently, the bacon waffle was only available at the mother truck. This is because it was paired with the lighter Brussels waffle and due to space restrictions on the four carts, they only offer the chewier denser liege waffle. Well, the people want bacon, so the people get bacon. Now they’ve started serving it on the aforementioned liege.

Since the truck itself rarely comes to Midtown West any longer, I went by one of the carts last week to check this out. I had never had the Bacon Waffle at the truck – I was always partial to the surprisingly awesome pulled pork waffle – so I can’t compare it to the original. I imagine there’s a little less sweetness with the Brussels making it a more solid lunch option, but the liege version is pretty darn good.

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Bacon Now Available in Liege Form at Wafels & Dinges: Wafels & Dinges has been offering a crispy Brussels waffle with bacon and syrup for the last few years now, but it's only been available on the truck. However, this week they added bacon to the denser, chewier liege waffle- so now you can get your bacon fix at any of the Wafels & Dinges locations, including their four carts. The even better news is that they'll be in Midtown for the rest of the week. Check the ML Twitter Tracker for exact locations.

Wafels & Dinges’ Island Hopper is Like a Mini Vacay

Wafels & Dinges has been keeping it seasonal and mixing it up with summer specials for the last few weeks. I was quite disappointed I missed out on their Feelin’ Peachy Waffle last week. So the other day, in celebration of National Waffle Day (it seems there’s always some cause to celebrate with waffles), I decided to hunt down their current special.

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Last Chance to Enter Mr/Ms Wafel 2011 Competition: Tomorrow is National Waffle Day, and once again Wafels & Dinges will be holding their annual contest to crown and Mr. & Ms. Wafel.  Sadly it's in Downtown this year, but if you've got time to hop on a train during lunch tomorrow and compete for a years worth of free wafels and more registration closes today at 4pm.