W&D’s Bacon Liege is Perfect For a Tasty Breakfast

We announced recently that you can now get bacon at every single Wafels & Dinges locations. Up until recently, the bacon waffle was only available at the mother truck. This is because it was paired with the lighter Brussels waffle and due to space restrictions on the four carts, they only offer the chewier denser liege waffle. Well, the people want bacon, so the people get bacon. Now they’ve started serving it on the aforementioned liege.

Since the truck itself rarely comes to Midtown West any longer, I went by one of the carts last week to check this out. I had never had the Bacon Waffle at the truck – I was always partial to the surprisingly awesome pulled pork waffle – so I can’t compare it to the original. I imagine there’s a little less sweetness with the Brussels making it a more solid lunch option, but the liege version is pretty darn good.

The only problem I see is that the flavors are a bit too reminiscent of breakfast. I had this waffle around 4pm and it didn’t quite work for lunch and it didn’t quite work for dessert. You know how when you get a breakfast buffet and you put the bacon, french toast, and pancakes all on one plate and they get mixed together to form a sweet, salty, meaty delight? That’s what this thing reminded me of. It’s drowned in sweet maple syrup and studded with bits of smoky bacon. The waffle grooves prevent any decadent flavor from escaping. I also recommend eating it rather fast (which shouldn’t be a problem) as it can get soggy if you wait too long.

But the flavors are all around awesome. Seriously, how can you go wrong with waffles, bacon, and maple syrup? And if you didn’t know, Wafels & Dinges opens at 8am every day, the perfect time for one of these breakfasty gutbombs. Check theĀ ML Twitter Tracker to see where the carts (or the truck) will be this week.

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    >The only problem I see is that the flavors are a bit too reminiscent of breakfast.

    That’s not a problem at all. I <3 eating breakfast at any time of the day.

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