De Strawberry Short Wafel is A Great Winter Treat

I must admit I was a bit skeptical when Wafels & Dinges announced their newest creation, De Strawberry Short Wafel. It sounds like a delicious option for summer time when strawberries are fully in season, but here we are in the mildly freezing month of January. And while I know that strawberries are now available yearlong, it’s still not the first flavor I’d think of for the winter.

Of course, that didn’t stop me from trying it. And I must say that the waffle geniuses in that big yellow truck have figured out a way to winterize strawberries. It’s not the prettiest of desserts, but it’s mighty tasty. Instead of fresh cream and honey, they spread a layer of sweet and tart mascarpone cheese on a warm liege waffle and then top it with cinnamon sugar, crumbled spekuloos cookies, and the aforementioned berries. The strawberries have a surprising crunchy caramelized sensation since they’ve been coated with cookie crumbs. Together the ingredients give this a rich, spiced flavor that is somehow reminiscent of Christmas in July. The winter treat is available at all their locations (including the extended Bryant Park kiosk) through next week.

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    why not make waffles or pancakes and top them with strawberries and whipping cream
    They will feed your craving and let your bf off the hook while you both have something to laugh about while you enjoy your treat!

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