Wafels & Dinges Pumps Out the Pumpkin’

The newest special from our favorite Belgian waffle truck is De Bumpin’ Pumpkin. It seems a little late in the season for pumpkin, but I’m a big fan of squash desserts (no joke) and was totally pumped when I read about it on Twitter earlier in the week. I’m totally happy eating pumpkin ice cream in July!

I chased down the truck to give it a try. It’s offered on either a liege or Brussels waffle, although the guys recommended trying it on the lighter and airier Brussels style since the liege might be a little too sweet. The warm waffle is topped with a maple pumpkin spread, two mounds of whipped cream, and pecans.

It’s got the right texture components going on and the flavor of pumpkin really came through.  It wasn’t too sweet, but if you like your pumpkin pie a bit on the spicy side, with stong hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove you might be disappointed. They’re pretty subtle in this guy.

All in all it’s still pretty delicious, but then again you could put just about anything on one of these waffles and I’ll probably eat it. They’re offering the special at least through the week and most likely up until Christmas. If you want a last taste of the fall, this is a pretty filling, tasty choice, even at $8. Of course, check the ML Twitter Tracker to be sure, but the truck should be parked at 49th and 3rd today, in addition to their holiday markets and cart locations.

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