Wafels & Dinges Now Selling Speculoos Ice Cream!

Wafels & Dinges

This week’s Twitter Tracker has been abuzz with news of W&D’s new speculoos ice cream. Seeing as Blondie and I were among the original proponents of ice cream dinges back in the day, I had to go check this out.

For the uninitiated, speculoos are traditional Belgian spice cookies. At Wafels & Dinges they serve it as a spread, basically crushed cookies whirled together into the consistency of nutella or peanut butter. The guys manning the truck offered me a free sample when I arrived. The ice cream was rich and had the same sweet, buttery, spiced caramel-esque flavor of the speculoos spread. It tasted so much like their speculoos spread I figured it had to have been custom made. Turns out it is in fact made with W&D’s spekuloos spread by the Chief Wafelmeister’s friend, Benoit Gerin, former Jean Georges pastry chef and owner of Mont Blanc ice cream.

Speculoos Ice Cream Waffle

Since the ice cream itself is rather sweet, I chose a Brussels waffle for my base. A scoop of ice cream is technically an add on from the dinges list and it costs $2. Since you get one free dinge with the waffle’s $5 base price, I decided to add some Belgian chocolate to mine (true speculoos fans can get speculoos on speculoos as well). I had checked the twitter tracker before I left and saw that W&D was offering a free additional dinge for my autobiography title, I was able to get the strawberries for free. All together my waffle sundae was $7–pricey, but the ice cream serving was a dessert in and of itself (they definitely didn’t skimp on the serving) you could share it with a friend and still feel satisfied.

Today Wafels & Dinges is on 52nd btw 6+7th, but as always check the twitter tracker or @waffletruck before you go


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