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The Name Game Continues at Mad For Chicken

We reported a few weeks ago that the former Mono + Mono, former Mad For Chicken, former BonChon location on 5th btw. 31+32nd had closed down and was in the process of re-naming itself Mad For Chicken once again. Well they’re back open now and yesterday, I stopped in for a quick peek. The new official name is Turntable Mad For Chicken (!?), and the hostess told me it’s the same company and most of the menu remains the same. How can they even begin to compete with nearby BonChon and Kyochon if nobody knows what the hell to call this place!?! These people have officially gone mad!!! Anybody been to this new incarnation yet?

Mono + Mono Becomes Mad For Chicken… Again?

What is the deal with the Korean fried chicken on the 2nd Floor of 314 Fifth Avenue? Originally it was a Bon Chon location and then the name changed to Mad For Chicken. Then in another push for re-branding the restaurant became known as Mono + Mono. After that music pub/eatery closed back in February, there has been silence on the chicken front. Now, it looks like a sign for Mad For Chicken has appeared again in the window. I attempted to go upstairs but the security guard wouldn’t let me, saying the restaurant was not open yet. When I asked when it would open, he said, “Later.”

A call to the Mono + Mono phone number re-directed me to the East Village location where the hostess there had no information about the possible re-opening of Mad For Chicken. I also called the Flushing location for Mad For Chicken, but again no answers. Why is everybody keeping so quiet about the fate of this restaurant? Could it be an attempt to make this a “hidden gastropub” once again? Doubtful but who knows. Anybody have any insider info?  Let us know in the comments…

Questlove Reports That Mono+Mono Is Closing

Can’t decide what’s crazier… the news that Mono + Mono, the Korean fried chicken place (on 5th Ave. btw. 31+32nd) formerly know as Mad For Chicken, is closing up shop in a month?  Or the fact that we got this tip from the drummer of The Roots!?  We sent an email to the owners to confirm, but haven’t heard back yet.  If it is true, I guess Questlove will have to switch to Bon Chon or Kyochon.

Mad For Chicken’s Mono + Mono Has Begun

Midtown Beats Queens in Korean Fried Chx Showdown: The New York Daily News published a (very bloggish) Korean Fried Chicken showdown today, pitting Mono+Mono, Kyochon, and Bon Chon against 4 places in Queens. From the sounds of the article, Bon Chon was the big winner but the real winner was our man (and KFC expert) Ultraclay who was quoted in the article!

Mad For Chicken’s Mono + Mono Has Begun


It looks like the days of Mad For Chicken being a “hidden bar for those in the know” are all but gone.  Yesterday they put this big honkin’ sign up announcing the news that was reported last month… Mad For Chicken is now Mono + Mono. Based on what we heard from the staff when the name change was announced (and this report from the new downtown branch) things aren’t expected to change considerably. They updated the menu a few months ago to include maki and some bar foods, but it sounds like there isn’t going to be anything new or exciting beyond what we’ve already seen. That doesn’t mean that a return visit isn’t warranted, just to be sure… y’know, for science.

Mad For Chicken to Become Mono + Mono
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