32nd St. BonChon Changes Name to “Mad For Chicken”

Thanks to Lunch’er Jamie (aka Fressagirl) for pointing this one out… the two New York branches of BonChon chicken (the Flushing one, and the Midtown location on 5th btw. 31+32nd) have changed their name to “Mad For Chicken”.  They claim the food remains exactly the same, and according to an employee the name change is because the boss thought the old name was “too difficult to pronounce for Americans.” 

The owners have already changed the name on their Yelp page, and they have a new website up at www.madforchicken.com. There’s no mention of “BonChon” on the menu, and the two locations have disappeared from the official BonChon website… so I’m guessing they’re just not affiliated with the chain anymore.

You can question the decision, but you’ve got to love the excuse logic.  If BonChon was too tough pronounce, what chance does Kyochon have?

Bon Chon is So Not a Midtown Lunch… But Damn That is Some Good Chicken


  • shortened to MFC? Use the profits to pay for the lawsuit. Brilliant.

  • Stupidest.Name.EVER.

  • Mad For Pizza coming soon ?

    Mad For Beer ?

  • New burger joint: Mad for Cow

  • Just for that I am going to order some delivery and tell them my name is Larry Parallelogram.

  • I think this happened out in Jersey too. There’s a BonBon Chicken in Fort Lee that apparently lost their franchise rights because they wanted to tweak the recipe a little.

  • Yeah, the BonChon downtown hasn’t changed its sign.

  • Now they don’t have to display calorie information on the menu! brilliant!

  • Ate there last week, and it’s clear that the branding switch hasn’t effected the food: It was super awesome. When we were there the signage all read “Mad For Chicken” but the to-go bags still said “Bon Chon.” Was wondering what was up.

    @Wayne: Larry Parallelogram?? Excellent work.

  • Wow, talk about hatin’ on Americans… Bonchon? Rhymes with Bon Bon? Kyochon = key yo chon… lol I’m sorry this is like stupidity at its best. Worst. Whatever.
    Kyochon ftw!

  • Isn’t saying Bon Chon Chicken redundant, I thought “chon” is Korean for Chicken. The one on Long Island still says Bon Chon.

  • “chon” means farmland…bonchon means nothing relating to chicken

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