The Name Game Continues at Mad For Chicken

We reported a few weeks ago that the former Mono + Mono, former Mad For Chicken, former BonChon location on 5th btw. 31+32nd had closed down and was in the process of re-naming itself Mad For Chicken once again. Well they’re back open now and yesterday, I stopped in for a quick peek. The new official name is Turntable Mad For Chicken (!?), and the hostess told me it’s the same company and most of the menu remains the same. How can they even begin to compete with nearby BonChon and Kyochon if nobody knows what the hell to call this place!?! These people have officially gone mad!!! Anybody been to this new incarnation yet?


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    I really hope they can’t compete with Kyochon or Bonchon’s business because their wings are better.

    This place has always been a little weird, which is good because it helps keep it under the radar

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    you are clearly not Korean. Kyochon & Bonchon are clearly inferior.

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    No, I think Mono + Mono/Mad For Chicken’s wings blow Kyochon and Bonchon’s out of the water. They’re not even in the same league (especially Kyochon)

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    Mono+Mono isn’t Mad For Chicken. The owner & staff who ran the midtown space under different names for past 6 yrs left & opened Mono+Mono in EV.
    Mono+Mono will be on Food Network Show
    “CRAVE” on 9/5th at 8:30.
    M+M has the best Korean Fried Chicken!!!

  • Guys Mono+Mono is still alive!! They just moved to the East Village and still has an AMAZING FRIED CHICKEN!!!! (with other delish dishes and soju drinks/beer selections!)
    MONOmanias, you can see their photos and menus at their website Check it out!

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