Questlove Reports That Mono+Mono Is Closing

Can’t decide what’s crazier… the news that Mono + Mono, the Korean fried chicken place (on 5th Ave. btw. 31+32nd) formerly know as Mad For Chicken, is closing up shop in a month?  Or the fact that we got this tip from the drummer of The Roots!?  We sent an email to the owners to confirm, but haven’t heard back yet.  If it is true, I guess Questlove will have to switch to Bon Chon or Kyochon.

Mad For Chicken’s Mono + Mono Has Begun


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    Nooooooooo! Say it ain’t so! If Don McLean ever had chicken there he’d change the lyrics to American Pie: Bye, bye Miss Korean fried…

  • That is SO weird. haha.

    So let me get this straight. The spot started off as BonChon, then became Mad For Chicken, then Mono+Mono and now it’s closing? What will it be next?

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    Just emailed them late last week. Response enclosed below:

    Thank you for interesting our company. 5th ave branch is temporary closed for kitchen renovation. We will open again in 2 weeks.

    Thank you again.


  • I thought his name was ?uestlove. Maybe you can’t have a ? in your twitter name. He is one hell of a drummer.

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    hmmmm….mike kevin noone but be prays you are correct. but i assure you what they told me last night sounded more like “this is it”. they even gave me an apple shot as a farewell drink cause im a regular. they said the other spot is staying open but this location is shutting down. im praying it was language miscommunication but they said nothing to the tune of “we shut down for couple of weeks” they said 6 weeks we close.

  • i was there last night and the lady simply said that the “kitchen is closed”. her attitude was awful- didn’t even want to seat us inside and said they were “closing soon” at 11pm. seriously she needs an attitude fix, i have never met such an obnoxious korean waitress in my life.

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    uh….celine that could be cultural differences. i know you’ll retort “this is america! compassion! etc”

    but even if she gave you some roses and a massage….the kitchen was still closed.

    its language barrier.

    hard to put polite inflection in a language that isnt your first language.

    my french is horrible case and point.

    • questo my dear i am also korean:) no language barrier there. well anyhow i will miss their yogurt soju. the yogurt soju at maru was appallingly watered down.

  • how is it possible tho? its always packed when ive been there… but they have changed their names sooo many times bonchon, mad for chicken, mono mono

  • I am on the westside so I rarely get to those locations. Has anyone tried the kfc at Bann?

    I tried the Kyochon on 5th Ave and was disappointed. It was ok. But not as good as their spot out in Queens, partly because what I ordered seemed like it came from under a heat lamp. In Queens the wings are small, but crispy and tasty. So Kyochon in Queens has been a favorite. I have been a bit obsessed with the KFC options since I discovered Toreore at the H-Mart in New Jersey. So far all have been slightly different and good. Unidentified Flying Chicken in Queens and Boom Boom Chicken in Fort Lee are probably my favorites. Bon Chon/Mad for Chicken were probably lowest on my list. But its all relative. Bad Koren Fried Chicken is pretty freakin’ good. I just wish we had them in the hood. Seriously, why don’t we?

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    So, is it just closed for renovations or permanently? I need to know if I have to eat there tomorrow after work or I can wait until after they open back up.

  • Oh and questo, in response to your tweet… I think we are living in the same world. You should definitely check out the other spots I mentioned. Not as close if you are in midtown, but when you happen to be in Queens or Fort Lee. But know that once you do, you will find yourself going out of your way on the regular. =)

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    BigMouthGirl – how far west are you? there’s a Bonchon on 38th b/w 7th and 8th (close to 7th ave) that’s pretty good.

  • I’m not terribly sad about this—that place wasn’t bad, but CRAZY overpriced. Bon Chon, across the street, is better anyway.

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    Please tell me that the other Korean chicken place, “Hep + Herpes”, does not suffer the same fate.

  • Thanks westside. Good to know. That’s a little south for me as far as a lunch run goes. I’ll have to see if they deliver to the 50′s. I’m super close to Bann and I appreciate their tacos. Since the fried chicken seems like more of an after thought there, I just haven’t wanted to try them over just going for the tacos.

  • I still haven’t heard back from them, but I tried to stop in during lunch and the dude at the door said they didn’t open until later. Last I’d been there, they were serving lunch again, but maybe that’s stopped too. Will try again after work.

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    Walked by this morning. Mad for Chicken signage on the window, is it reopening under that name again?

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