Midtown Beats Queens in Korean Fried Chx Showdown

The New York Daily News published a (very bloggish) Korean Fried Chicken showdown today, pitting Mono+Mono, Kyochon, and Bon Chon against 4 places in Queens. From the sounds of the article, Bon Chon was the big winner but the real winner was our man (and KFC expert) Ultraclay who was quoted in the article!


  • haven’t read the piece yet, but can tell you unequivocally that there is no way in hell that bon chon is better than mono+mono. Don’t get me wrong, i like bon chon just fine, but it’s more a fast-food version of the korean fried chicken concept. i’ve had both mono+mono and bon chon several times in past 2 months and mono+mono is better.

  • is it me or has the ny daily news website been down all day

  • I’ve always thought that Kyedong in Flushing was the pinnacle of chain KFC’s. Also, Queens would have won if they’d gone to Debasaki.

  • Will be hitting up the spot on Roosevelt now that I live in Queens!

  • im with @winedanddined – mono+mono > bonchon

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