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Your First Look at Má Pêche’s New Lunch Menu

Ma Peche

We recently posted about Má Pêche’s new lunch menu overhaul. Word on the street was that chef Paul Carmichael was going to focus on American cuisine. Well, the new menu has been revealed and with four new sandwiches and some new buns hovering in the $10 price point, we clearly had to go check it out. Read more »

Madison Square Eats Returns Friday

Madison Square Eats returns to Worth Square (more commonly known as the intersection of Broadway, 5th Avenue and 25th Street) this Friday. They’re planning a familiar month-long stint — May 4 through June 1.

According to a recent blog post, you can expect to find a lot of familiar food surrounding the brightly colored umbrellas, as well as some new additions: Antica Focacceria, Arancini Bros., Asiadog, Bar Suzette, Birch Coffee, Caffe Moak, Calexico, Eataly, Graffiti/Mehtaphor, Gravy, Hong Kong Street Cart, Hot Blondies Bakery, ililli, La Sonrísa, Macaron Parlour, Mayhem & Stout, Mexicue, Mighty Balls, Mile End, Momofuku Milk Bar, Nunu Chocolates, Quartino, Red Hook Lobster Pound, Resto, Roberta’s Pizza, Sigmund’s and Stuffed Artisan Cannolis.

Check out our Madison Square Eats post from last spring to find about Ilili’s kafta wraps, Momofuku’s compost cookies or Bar Suzette’s savory crepes. And, in last fall’s post we wrote about Sigmund’s pretzels, Hong Kong Cart and Graffiti/Mahtaphor’s burger. I’m kind of bummed Fatty Crab isn’t back, but I am personally excited for the Mighty Balls sliders, which I was a fan of at last year’s Grub Street Food Festival. Mark your calendars, my friends, Madison Square Eats is coming fast!

Ma Peche Menu To Become More … American?: Eater reports that the menu at Ma Peche is about to change. Moving away from Tien Ho's French Vietnamese food, chef Paul Carmichael will focus the Midtown Momofuku on American cuisine. No word yet on what that means, exactly, but last week David Chang tweeted, "Chef Paul Carmichael & Má Péche team slow unveil of new menu over next couple weeks. About as vietnamese as Ssäm bar 2012 = burritos.Tasty." The new menu should materialize in the coming weeks.

Now Midtown MomoMilkBar *Is* Serving the New Lunch Specials!

Milk Bar Midtown

Things got a little confusing on Friday re: the new Momofuku Milk Bar lunch specials. First we heard they had them at the Midtown branch (56th btw 5th+6th), then I got there and they didn’t. Then their PR person told us they weren’t going to offer them, and a few hours later Milk Bar tweeted out that they were!  So yesterday I called ahead just to be sure it was in fact on. Long story short, they’re now offering lunch specials at the Midtown Momofuku Mil Bar, but there aren’t as many options as some of the  other Milk Bar locations in the city.

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MomoMilkBar Not Serving Lunch Specials in Midtown!

I think it’s safe to say that our dream of having a Momofuku’ish lunch available in Midtown all those years has finally come true.  And as if to completely seal the deal, Momofuku Milk Bar is now serving bonafied lunch specials.  They’re $8, 9 and $10 and come with one of their signature items (like the pastrami croissant), plus chips and a drink.  Not all items are available at all locations (for example, as of the other day the pork and veg buns were not available in Midtown as part of this deal), but we’ll take it! We’re being told that the pork bun special is available at the Midtown location!

Momofuku Milk Bar (inside Ma Peche), 15 W. 56th St. (btw. 5+6th)

UPDATE: Remember that nonsense about dreams coming true? We take it all back. Blondie headed over to Milk Bar today only to discover that the lunch specials aren’t available in Midtown! We still love you Milk Bar. Your twitter account and PR people? Not so much.

Our Favorite Turkey Dishes in Midtown

Blarney Rock Pub
Photo by Donny T

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, all of the ML contributors have turkey on our minds. And of course this wouldn’t be Midtown Lunch if we didn’t try to think outside of the generic deli turkey sandwiches box (hello, Thanksgiving pizza anyone?). So we polled a few of our contributors to recall some of their favorite Midtown turkey dishes.
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Thanksgiving Croissants are Back at Momo!

Thanksgiving Croissant

Peace out Halloween, it’s time to think about turkey and stuffing! The croissant that inspired “Grease is nature’s lip gloss” is back at MomoMilkBar (56th btw 5th+6th) today! If you’re nursing a post-Halloween hangover, turkey, cranberry sauce, and gravy are waiting for you. Chocolate chocolate cookies and Chocolate Chip Cake are also returning to the menu!

MomoMilkBar Selling a Thanksgiving Dinner Stuffed Croissant!

Momofuku Midtown (aka Ma Peche) Gets a New Chef

Ma PecheSo bummed to read yesterday on Eater that Tien Ho has left as chef of Ma Peche (on 56th btw. 5+6th).  We’ve always been huge fans of his, and not just because he brought Momofuku to Midtown, installed a Midtown Lunch menu, and made sandwiches for our 5th Birthday Party. (Wait… that’s actually exactly why we love him!)  Anyway, Tien will be sorely missed but he let us know that his replacement, Paul Carmichael, is awesome and will do the restaurant proud.  I think I speak for everyone when I say, as long he doesn’t do away with the Midtown Lunch menu, we’ll all get along just fine!

Tien Ho is Our Vote For Best New Chef

Contributor Stalking (The “Should you eat these ribs?” edition)

Should you eat the ribs at Backyard Chicken? Um...yes! Photo by Andrea.

Brian had Beef Seven Ways meal at Ma Peche, Blondie says Levain Bakery has one of the best cookies in New York, Brownie is searching for fresh Colombian arepas con huevos, Chris panned Telepan, Donny’s been writing about New York’s Hidden Gems for the Wall Street Journal and I’ve been posting film photos from Peru.

Elsewhere in the ML universe… Andrea asks the preposterous question, “Should you eat ribs” at Backyard Chicken downtown, Jamie shared the Duck for Two special at Sang Kee in Philadelphia and Zach carbo-loaded on all sorts of Persian rice at Javan restaurant in Los Angeles.

Ma Peche Rejiggers Their Online Ordering System: If you like ordering lunch from Ma Peche (on 56th btw. 5+6th), but found their rule filed online ordering system to be annoying, you'll be excited for this news... they debuted a new online ordering system on Tuesday.  It's not only easier to navigate, but it has a lot more menu items now available- including pork buns, the pork belly sandwich they created for our birthday party, and party packs for 8-12 people.