Ma Peche is Now Serving Momofuku Pork Buns

Ma Peche Pork Buns

It’s been 2 1/2 years since we first begged Momofuku to come to Midtown. Obviously Má Pêche opening was huge, and we love everything that they’ve done for the lunchers of midtown. But we also love Momofuku’s pork buns, the lusciously fatty and sweet morsels that launched an empire. But up until this week, Ma Peche was pork-bun-less.  No longer. Yesterday Eater broke the huge news that pork buns are now available at Má Pêche for both the sit down lunch service, as well as the take-out service at the bar ($10 for 2). Naturally I used this as a excuse ran out and immediately got an order, and can confirm that these babies are just like the version we’ve enjoyed countless times from the Downtown Momofuku locations. Between this and the Ippudo news, our long held East Village jealousy might finally be coming to an end.

Your First Look at Ma Peche’s “Midtown Lunch” Specials


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