Madison Square Eats Returns Friday

Madison Square Eats returns to Worth Square (more commonly known as the intersection of Broadway, 5th Avenue and 25th Street) this Friday. They’re planning a familiar month-long stint — May 4 through June 1.

According to a recent blog post, you can expect to find a lot of familiar food surrounding the brightly colored umbrellas, as well as some new additions: Antica Focacceria, Arancini Bros., Asiadog, Bar Suzette, Birch Coffee, Caffe Moak, Calexico, Eataly, Graffiti/Mehtaphor, Gravy, Hong Kong Street Cart, Hot Blondies Bakery, ililli, La Sonrísa, Macaron Parlour, Mayhem & Stout, Mexicue, Mighty Balls, Mile End, Momofuku Milk Bar, Nunu Chocolates, Quartino, Red Hook Lobster Pound, Resto, Roberta’s Pizza, Sigmund’s and Stuffed Artisan Cannolis.

Check out our Madison Square Eats post from last spring to find about Ilili’s kafta wraps, Momofuku’s compost cookies or Bar Suzette’s savory crepes. And, in last fall’s post we wrote about Sigmund’s pretzels, Hong Kong Cart and Graffiti/Mahtaphor’s burger. I’m kind of bummed Fatty Crab isn’t back, but I am personally excited for the Mighty Balls sliders, which I was a fan of at last year’s Grub Street Food Festival. Mark your calendars, my friends, Madison Square Eats is coming fast!


  • bummed Fatty Crab isn’t back? they were terrible. tiny portions and huge prices.

    Mile End? yes please!

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    No Wafles and Dinges? Come on! I need them for dessert!

    • They’re still around sometimes. They were at 23rd and 5th today. (Saw them on my way to a Shack Smoke Burger–yum!) Flatiron FTW

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    Arancini Bros are AMAZING and cheap. So excited for them this year!

  • Just had the Beijing Ya and Pork Belly Buns ($4 ea) from the Hong Kong Street Cart, great stuff; the pork belly is one generous piece inside the steam bun that is perfectly executed, no chewiness, just the perfect mix of fat and meat that melts.

  • I had the beef empanada at La Sonrisa Empanadas yesterday. It was very good but it wasn’t the typical empanada I’ve had in Argentina where they are baked. It was more like the Colombian version I’ve had in Bogota where they are fried. My rental apartment in Bariloche is directly above an Empanada bakery so the smells of baking empanadas waft upwards starting at 5AM every morning. My favorite empanada there is the Cordero(lamb)- it’s a Patagonian specialty.

  • Went last night too. The calexico chipotle pork taco was meh. Tortilla a bit stale tasting and pork had a vaguely sour taste that didn’t quite work. They were also out of cheese by 8…wtf. Asia dog beef hotdog with mash was awesome, with great spiciness from the special ketchup mixed with the crispy chip things. I also enjoyed the bolognese rice ball from the sicilian street food joint (NOT the arancini place, which I didn’t see until later). It had crisp skin and flavorful rice…way better than Eddie’s (sorry bro).

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