Now Midtown MomoMilkBar *Is* Serving the New Lunch Specials!

Milk Bar Midtown

Things got a little confusing on Friday re: the new Momofuku Milk Bar lunch specials. First we heard they had them at the Midtown branch (56th btw 5th+6th), then I got there and they didn’t. Then their PR person told us they weren’t going to offer them, and a few hours later Milk Bar tweeted out that they were!  So yesterday I called ahead just to be sure it was in fact on. Long story short, they’re now offering lunch specials at the Midtown Momofuku Mil Bar, but there aren’t as many options as some of the  other Milk Bar locations in the city.

Lunch Specials
As you can see, the pork and veggie buns are not in the Midtown Milk Bar’s lunch special equation. I did a quick price analysis and figured out that of the deals, the volcano is the best one. The other combos basically give you the chips and drink for an extra $3, while it’s only an extra $2 with the volcano meal. This does mean that with tax, the final cost of the meal is $10.89 plus extra waiting time for them to warm up the bun.

Volcano Lunch Special
For those of you who might not have had MomoMilkBar’s famous volcano, it’s basically really good potato au gratin in bun form. Inside are layers of creamy potatoes melted together with Gruyere cheese and surrounded by bacon. It’s heavy on even your most hungover of days, but freaking delicious. Seeing as I was among the masses imbibing during the Giants/Packers game, this greasy mess (I advise getting a fork) hit the spot. But is this worth the $10? Seeing as you get a drink and afternoon snack–I could not imagine eating the chips after the volcano–for an additional $2, I’d say yes, especially if you’re just going to scarf it down in the Chambers hotel lobby. If you already think MilkBar’s treats are too small and pricey for what they are, this deal probably isn’t going to change your mind.

Momofuku Milk Bar (inside Ma Peche), 15 W. 56th St. (btw. 5+6th)

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